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Arguments with Gravity


There is no Heather Farms, it's a division of Karpwell Foods. None of which matters to Eli, of course, who keeps having to explain his single objective here: "I'm not your rabbi, sir. I'm merely trying to keep your cheese from damaging the image of all cheeses." Stop arguing with the facts and do what I say. But Karpwell can't do that yet.

CEO: "It's not even clear that we're responsible. I mean, what else did these kids eat? That's what I want to know."
Eli, laughing: "Oh yes, that's a great line of defense. With images like these people love to hear that the kids are really the problem. Do you know who Tony Hayward is?"
CEO: "Do I what? Um, yeah, the CEO of British Petroleum."

Ex-, of course, CEO. Eli calls him the man who oversaw the destruction of a brand. It's central to the story that we agree with him, although I think it's a false equivalency that all scapegoats can be turned into figureheads. But anyway, Eli wants to work on his attitude, second, and first he needs the CEO guy to shut right up and stop arguing with gravity.

"The first rule of managing a crisis: The top man answers the questions. That is the only reason you're here, that is the only reason I am talking to you. So, in ten minutes' time, you're giving a press conference where you'll order all your cheese products off the shelves. We need a split screen of that image with you looking strong -- wrong tie, get him a red tie -- then you'll apologize for any missteps and say the buck stops here."

Diane, as temporary counsel for the Guild and I presume Karpwell, now, finally steps up, because that is a world of legal issues. Of course, Eli doesn't care about that, because he's going to get sued either way, but as the lawyer in the room Diane wants to limit his vulnerability. They fight, it's ugly, it's in front of the clients, and this is the worst part:

"Diane, you're only here as window dressing. You're only here to keep us from getting subpoenaed."

Supernaturally calm in the face of that, Diane tries to explain that behind the images that are Eli's capital and reason for existence, there's a foundational truth -- a fundamental precept based in reality -- that he's ignoring. That Eli's arguing with gravity because he's more concerned with spin than the fates of this man and his company. But Eli is making the same argument: That without spin and containment, without the crisis to be managed, they won't have a company to represent and there won't even be a client to fight over.

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