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Nice Between Women

Tammy: "I see what you're saying. Hey, how long have you been fucking my boyfriend?"
Alicia: "Oh my God."
Tammy: "You know we were just on a break when I left him to go to London and have been a non-factor on this show since around the last time McVeigh appeared. Why wouldn't I take your legitimate affair with him, that has nothing to do with me, as personally and nastily as possible? I'm Tammy!"
Alicia: "It was nice talking to you. You should ask Julius about the case, and Will about your love life. To me, you should not talk any more."


FMT: "Basically, I didn't expect you to rock this bad in court, or come up with this awesome idea about the entire sport of pro hockey as a loss leader for Selling the Violence. We will knock that little spaz over, and then I'll have more fuel to fight him when it's my turn. Therefore, you can have that neurologist back."


In about five seconds, they scare the pants off Louis Canning. Turns out that, in addition to being a hockey-focused sports-medicine injury neurologist, Dr. Wedd's got a bone to pick with the AHPL going way back. In fact, it's such a specific axe he's grinding that it's almost like it was created for this particular circumstance: The League's history of disregarding best practice protocols -- as suggested by the good doctor -- for doing those baseline comparisons. He told the League on the record that they were endangering their players, they ignored him in writing... It's cute.

Alicia: "So you go talk to the League and finish this. Boom."
Canning: "Cool. Also, here's a job offer in a sealed envelope you have 24 hours to consider. Bam."


Is what they're both doing, but it's also what Kurt wants to do with Diane: Take her on a day trip out to Horsetail Lake and kill some animals. But first, some sparklingly sexy repartee:

Diane: "Kurt, have we met?"
Kurt: "I'll do all the baiting..."
Diane: "Oh, would you have it any other way?"

I've never had a problem liking Diane -- Peter, even Will sometimes, but never her, not even on her worst day is she as bad as everybody else is -- but man, when she's got a man throwing her off and making her be awesome, she is the sexiest thing in the world.

So Kurt's talking about picnic baskets and whatever, and Jack calls Diane back again to apologize and ask her out for yet another dubious date, and somehow in the middle of being on the phone with both of them she decides to play the field -- accidentally (or not) notifying Jack that he's got competition in the process -- and sets her Jack date for Friday night, with the Kurt trip Saturday morning. I hope this storyline continues forever and Diane just keeps adding more and more men into her juggling act until she becomes President of the Whole Wide World.

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