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Will: "Kalinda, I have a plan that Jacob will never understand what is going on with it so he's not going to try. Can you upload a video or something? Not in connection with any law case, except obviously it is."

Canning: "Alicia, can you give me a ride? My disease!"
Alicia: "Well, I made the mistake of talking to my awful daughter, so now I want lots of money to buy her things she shouldn't even want."
Canning: "I can offer you telecommuting, down payment on that bad idea house, a raise, money for private school and college..."
Alicia: "I want all of those things, but I can't leave Lockhart & Assoc. Why are we even talking about this? What am I, some kind of chewing fucking rat in a rat stew?"
Canning, verbatim: "Alicia, this is how America works."


Is a website that's basically like a betting pool about the fights themselves. A bloodsport-within-a-sport, where it's not the hockey score that counts but the fighting that happens inside the hockey game. It's kind of brilliant, actually. Even more brilliant -- I presume, since as I said I only half-understand what's ever going on at this point in a given episode -- is "Alicia's" plan to upload a recent fight to a YouTubey-ish website, about which the League is much more vigilant. Within two hours of Kalinda uploading the video -- ah, got it -- they'd sent a C&D letter... Something that the League hasn't done to Rinkfights in the eight years it's been running.

Alicia: "Is that because you encourage fans enthusiasm for fights?"
League: "No way! How insulting to the gentle art of hockey!"
Alicia: "Then how come you've never gone after them?"
League: "Well, for sure I will now. Thanks for the heads up?"
Alicia, verbatim: "And thank you! For that damaging testimony!"

Heh. Objection sustained, of course. The Judge kind of loves it. After court, FMT grabs Julius, Will and Alicia -- and suddenly offers to help them out.


Tammy: "The truth. Are you in bed with him."
Alicia: "So it's like that, huh. Okay, Tammy, I'll answer your fake question. We are not in bed with FMT."
Tammy: "You don't think you're going to damage the glory of ice hockey? AKA the Sport of Kings? I am putting up a false morality front to make a good story! I'm Tammy!"
Alicia: "Whatever. Gross people have been being mean to each other since before Winter's Bone even came out in theaters. I'm not going to change that."
Tammy: "Some thing the violence is a safety valve, and without it, they would be even more violent. I am unendingly critical and have an answer for everything. I'm Tammy!"
Alicia: "That's exactly the stupid kind of thing a sports journalist would say. There's none of this violence in college hockey, or the Olympics, or the championships. It's all a big stupid fake bloodbath with real consequences, like The Wrestler but colder."

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