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The Peter Principle

Geneva Pine: "I was totally going to ask that!"
Will: "Chinese Wall. Man, we haven't said that word a hundred billion times in so long! And when was the last time somebody 'phoned' anybody on this show?"
Hellinger: "Chinese Wall? That's the best you got?"
Will: "I don't think you realize how far I'm willing to go for your business. Bringing you in-house makes the bizarreness surrounding Alicia's marriage all the more bizarre, which in turn gets us closer to my main thing in life, which is squeezing blisters until they pop."
Hellinger: "Well, I'm not impressed."
Geneva Pine: "Actually, Laura, you're being kind of insane. Making me look and feel positively open to discussion about L/G."
Hellinger: "Mission accomplished, then. Based on like every interaction I, or anybody, has ever had with you, I figured openly bringing your oppositional, confrontational approach into this meeting would force you to take the other side."
Geneva Pine: "Which would be a really sick thing for this show to do to its remaining black woman character, if I weren't also consistently right about everything all the time."


Elsbeth: "So these are pictures of your old people, at the straw poll? You bussed them out?"
Saxon: "It was a great day. Memorable even, for some of us."
Elsbeth: "And that dashing bastard over there, Josh Perrotti, he says this was about stacking the deck?"
Saxon: "Yeah, but check out how everybody got a t-shirt for which way they voted. It's a cute way to demonstrate how straw polls work. And in this case, only a third of the old people voted for Florrick. The rest are pretty intense racists."
Elsbeth: "Old people are definitely the worst. But they look so cute in this rainbow of t-shirts!"

Elsbeth: "So you see, to prove Landau is right about this supposed meeting, and without Saxon's testimony, Josh still needs a corroborating witness..."
Perrotti: "I have one! I have one and I won't tell you who it is! And you totally called me Josh! We are in love!"
Eli: "This is so stupid."
Judge S. Epatha Merkerson: "Even though you're now both openly demonstrating what a joke this whole sham is, we're still prone to dismiss this suit. Again."

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