The Good Wife
Going For The Gold

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The Peter Principle

Perrotti: "Trust me, this is going to be insane."
Elsbeth: "Based on the fact that I saw her name in the opening credits and Landau already mentioned her by name..."


Same Bike Courier: "Jackie Florrick? You look like my grandma. So sorry, but you've been served."
Jackie: "Well, I never! A civil case and a federal case on the same day? All I need is a hair-pulling bitch fight with my daughter-in-law and it would truly be the best day ever."


Jordan: "Peter, you've got that misty leprechaun love look in your eyes. Give me your literal phone."
Peter: "What? That's preposterous."
Jordan: "Think of me as a beautiful, furry-voiced little Dr. Phil, and give me your goddamn phone. I know you're gonna call the elf the second I turn my back."
Peter: "But Jordan, I love him. It's okay if I miss him a little bit!"
Jordan: "I know, I know you do. But I also know that I'm in charge now, and you can't steer with two captains. This is how campaigns die."
Peter: "I trust you. I promise. Please don't take my phone."
Jordan: "You can keep your phone, as long as you don't call Eli. If you call Eli, you are going to see a side of me. I look like a tiny little kitten and you want to snuggle me, yes. That is my strategy for life. But you know the first rule of this show is that the kittens are the ones that go the craziest on you. Think about it."


Hellinger: "Will, how nice to see you! And you look pissed."
Will: "I am pissed, Laura. What the hell was that earlier?"
Hellinger: "The pitch? Oh, are you feeling hurt because I was so aggressive at the pitch?"
Will: "Yeah, what the hell was that? And in front of Geneva Pine? What, are you trying to impress her? That woman is permanently unimpressed."
Hellinger: "Don't be a dork. I was playing her, for your benefit."
Will: "By acting like a bitch?"
Hellinger: "Wow. No, because she was going to attack, obviously. She's been obsessed with Lemond Bishop since day one, for about a million valid reasons."
Will: "I was doing a great sales job! She was buying in!"
Hellinger: "She was being polite because that is how she gets you. Your ego is just about unbelievable. Sorry I hurt your wittle feelings by saving your ass."

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The Good Wife




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