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The Peter Principle

Will: "I have not stomped around nearly enough. I have to stomp around now. Good day, madam."
Hellinger: "Will, you can rescue this interaction right now if you just cool it and..."


Eli: "Hey, Jackie. Nice to see you."
Jackie: "I can't talk to you right now. I am about to testify against you."
Eli: "I just wanna know what you're going to say in the..."
Jackie: "As my son memorably has said more than once, I'm just gonna tell the truth."
Eli: "Well fuck."


Alicia: "Shit, they got Jackie? I'm on my way, Eli."
Cary: "You cut my hours on this Lemond Bishop case, even though we talked about it?"
Alicia: "I can't do this right now, I have to go save everybody. Yes, I cut the hours, yes, we can talk about it later, yes, I realize you're pissed, yes, I am actively forcing myself not to apologize."
Cary: "I need billable hours for my next review. I can't have you jerking my promotion out from under me twice..."
Alicia: "Thanks for providing me with the perfect St. Alicia platform to not feel guilty at all, by way of reminding you that this is about our client, not your next promotion. If you were trying to convince me those hours weren't padded, you're doing a shit job. PS I love you and I'm sorry this all happened but we both know we can't go backwards now so please just trust me that I have not turned into a creature of evil."
Cary: "If I weren't so jealous and butthurt, I would probably already have figured out this is the name partners' way of breaking up our secret cabal and/or forcing you to the Dark Side. But since I am those things, I am unable to see your side of this situation."
Alicia: "Sweetie honestly all I'm hearing is a bunch of nothing about collective ownership of the means of producing billable hours. You sound crazy. Have a drink or something."


Jackie: "Jacqueline Florrick, mother and favorite person of current Cook County State's Attorney and future Illinois Governor, Peter Florrick. I'm having cards printed."
Perrotti: "Did you give a speech on 18 October of last year?"
Jackie: "Sure!"
Perrotti: "And Eli Gold was there, watching you like a hawk?"
Jackie: "Due to my tendency to say racist shit and go off-message within seconds, yes."

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The Good Wife




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