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The Peter Principle

Eli watches her walk off, noticing for the first time the elegance in her movement. He misses Peter; his eyes well. He could never respect this woman, this obstructive, self-important, vindictive old bat. But whatever it is, whatever the word for the alternative is, that's what he does for a second. It cost her a great deal.


Judge: "So the issue is whether there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate Mr. Gold arranged and agreed to a vote-bribery deal. Which was obvious, right up until Jackie's courageous admission about her cognitive challenges. Meaning all you have is Frank Landau, which isn't enough for a jury. So we have no choice but to..."
Perrotti: "We wish to amend our complaint (Objection!) and add yet another co-conspirator to the charge."
Elsbeth: "Look, we all know Josh is dashing and incorrigible, nobody's saying otherwise, but..."
Perrotti: "Your Honor, you, um, already approved our extension to produce discovery. Let us keep that 24 hours, please?"
Judge: "Ugh, fine."


Diane: "Listen, lady. You are screwing around on this Bishop stuff."
Alicia: "What, me? Nooooo. We'll have it ready..."
Diane: "I have the bill."
Alicia: "Yeah, so you know I cut the hours."
Diane: "You cut your hours. I set you up with the impossible task of cutting associate hours."
Alicia: "You said the what, not the how. I did the what. I pulled a total Alicia on it. That always works. If need be, I can just start dealing the drugs myself. That would be preferable to another uncomfortable moment with Cary..."
Diane: "Exactly. This is the thing you need to see and climb over today. Not later on, not when you have seniority, not when you've pulled your next Colin Sweeney out of the fire. Today, by close of business, you need a solution that doesn't involve your own blood."
Alicia: "That's the only kind of compromise I'm comfortable making. It's why I'm the most powerful and least powerful person on my own show."
Diane: "Clients want to see partner hours, it makes them feel important. You've done the opposite and made it look like we don't care about him. His people won't see how many associates or how hard they're working, just numbers in black and white."
Alicia: "But they are the ones doing the work. They are earning those hours, at Nathan Lane-level efficiency..."

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