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The Peter Principle

Peter: "Yowch."
Maddie: "In response, I'll just bring up that Peter's got the Latino vote. Even though he puts them all in jail..."

Alicia: "I hate that woman. Whatever nastiness is actually in her voice and body language, I perceive twice that."
Jordan: "Don't worry about it. She always does this, so we know not to care."
Maddie: "Or what about black people? Just to riff on a theme. How many lawyers in the SA are black right now, Peter?"
Peter: "Yeah, less than five percent, but if you knew how hardcore I've been working on that..."
Maddie: "Since when, since Geneva Pine's original memo about it two years ago? Or since I made it my mission to freak you out about race?"
Peter: "That memo was created at a time when I didn't even know what white privilege was, so it wasn't like a real person wrote it. But things are very different now!"

Alicia: "Well, that is straight up something I told Maddie Hayward myself."
Jordan: "I love these little time bombs you gave her during your five-minute friendship. They keep shit lively."

Peter: "And anyway, what does my employee diversity initiative have to do with immigration? She's all over the map."
Maddie: "We agreed to riff. Free range of topics, you said."
Petra: "Okay, she's right. You want to add to the convo about your preferential hiring practices?"
Peter: "Oh. Uh, no."

Alicia: "Good Lord, man. Get in the game."


Elsbeth: "I'd like to invite the rakish Josh Perrotti to the stand?"
Nexus-6: "I object. Strongly. Strenuously."
Elsbeth: "He was the guy Landau was saying this shit to, and probably the guy who told him to say it in the first place. Not sure how that lies outside the scope of this defamation trial."
Perrotti: "The gorgeous Ms. Tascioni is clearly just trying to sink my federal case..."
Marx: "DUDE. Stop acting like you are better than me. Get up here, as a private citizen, and do the law."
Elsbeth: "And try to enunciate, sweetheart."


Maddie: "I will fight for you. You want somebody polite and calm, almost reptilian, you go ahead and vote for that big old white guy right there. But if you want a fighter, you come to Big M. Momma will fight."

Jordan: "See? Just like I said. She wants you to prove you're a fighter. You are the bear, she is the baiter."

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