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Going For The Gold

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The Peter Principle

Peter: "She's a master at it. I could actually feel myself making a fist. Alicia, you're a lady who resents me at least as much as an undecided voter might. How'm I doing?"
Alicia: "What you need is a little Eli Gold. You know it, I know it."
Peter: "Can you distract Jordan while I sneak away? He will throw a goddamn fit if I..."
Alicia: "Just go."


Alicia, practically verbatim: "Jordan, can I distract you for a minute?"

Eli, dropping about six octaves as he gets ahold of himself: "Oh my God! Peter! I have to go, it's Peter. Peter Florrick! Calling me! I mean, ahem, Peter, I can give you three minutes."

Perrotti: "Please, call me Josh."
Elsbeth: "Mr. Perrotti, wouldn't you say this is defamatory? Considering you're losing the federal case that would prove this quote is true?"

Eli: "Okay but like, how bad?"
Peter: "[Silent mindmeld.]"
Eli: "Okay, here's what you do. When you're getting rope-a-doped and hold back, you always end up looking bland and weird. So don't let her get physically near you. Look and locate all three cameras, okay? Now, just skirt the arena so you're close to the bleachers, where the cameras can't cross the angles. That way you're never towering over her -- I'm sure Jordan's explained to you that she's been advised to get close to you when you raise your voice -- and she's just shouting into another camera like a crazy fishwife, while you're engaging the audience in an intimate way that she's interrupting. Got it?"

Peter: "I really miss, um... Having you... Run the show, Eli."
Eli, distracted: "I miss you too. Oh, I mean..."
Peter: "No, I know. Please, please come home. I think Jordan gave me a cold."


Elsbeth: "Okay, so you keep saying you can prove this conspiracy..."
Perrotti: "Just because Judge Merkerson isn't buying it doesn't mean it's untrue."
Elsbeth, laughing: "Kind of it does, though."
Perrotti: "We've still got our extension."
Elsbeth: "So you're going to bring in a, what, a third co-conspirator? Just keep throwing people against the wall until something sticks? There's a real lack of grace to all this."
Judge: "And before you even start acting coy, dude, just cough it up. Who's the next one?"

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The Good Wife




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