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The Peter Principle

Alicia: "I guess since that's Cary's team I should go get Cary? Because you're talking nonsense if you're talking to me."
Diane: "No, it's your team. Cary is your subordinate now. You're the partner in charge. Do ya job."
Alicia: "What's weird is that this exact scenario played on the movie screen in my head at the exact moment I accepted this partnership. Tomorrow, I said, Or at least by next week, I will have to at some point be bossy with Cary, igniting his white boy rage and bringing hellfire down on us all. And then I decided to let Future Alicia deal with that instead of worrying about it, because to be honest I was feeling a little underappreciated, which for me ends up feeling exactly the same as nihilistic."

Will Gardner comes in there, sneezin' up a storm with this cold he's got going. He and Alicia don't look at each other, because they randomly just ignited their Big Bad Idea recently and feel like jerks. Like horny, sexy jerks.

Diane: "Both of you got colds? What a world."

She slides along the back wall like maybe she has a germ fear we didn't know about, and runs away from them and their germs. They run in turn away from each other, and their germs. Their sexy, horny germs.


AUSA Joshua Perrotti, of the United States Department of Justice, has invited Elsbeth Tascioni, of the Elfin Woodmoot and late defender of Eli Gold's pot of eponymy, to a working lunch of mango lassi, curries, the stuff with the raisins, unlimited naan and dessert that doesn't taste like dessert. She is forced to sit beside him at this banquet, as he shifts the table loudly on her approach to make room.

Perrotti: "Everybody thinks you're weird as a strategy, but I view it as an aphrodisiac."
Elsbeth: "Meanwhile you are the embodiment of chaos, which I find intriguing and also horrible. But also wonderful."
Perrotti: "What shall we talk about at this date?"
Elsbeth: "It's not a date. We will talk about how your evil plan makes even less sense than whatever the hell Wendy Scott-Carr is eternally/sometimes up to. I will tell you to leave Eli Gold alone, several times. Your wiretap has been ruled out and you have nothing."
Perrotti: "Or do I have everything? Stay tuned. I will increase the volume on my nonsense until nobody know what is going on."

Petra Moritz is the muckraker, played by the fabulous Lily Rabe, who couched her attacks on Peter and Eli as feminism back in the Blake days. One of Alicia's first attempts at being "normal" with a woman she wanted eventually to destroy just for being horrible -- which ended when she asked Mrs. Florrick if she'd gotten an AIDS test yet, which pissed Eli off so much he still hasn't quite used up the goodwill he engendered that day. In this case, she has published a not-so-Blind Item regarding a conversation Perrotti had with an unknown personage, to wit

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