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The Peter Principle


Perrotti: "Ms. Lockhart, this is a L/G invoice to Greengate Retirement Centers which includes a 25% discount for Eli Gold's crisis management services. And you initialed at the bottom, yes?"
Diane: "Either Will or I sign off on every bill before it goes out."
Perrotti: "Therefore, Your Honor, she's a co-conspirator..."
Everybody: "Okay, that's a stretch."

Perrotti: "No it isn't! Conspiracy is provable by showing an agreement to either services received, or services offered. I don't have to prove that he made the deal, just that they followed through on it."
Judge: "I agree. So Ms. Lockhart, did you approve Eli Gold's 25% discount to Greengate?"
Diane: "Nope."
Perrotti: "But you just said..."
Diane: "I signed off under orders from my supervisor. This was when we were bankrupt, and all of this stuff was at the pleasure of our Trustee. He was eager to boost cash flow and had us offer clients discounts for quicker payment."
Perrotti: "Then I want Clarke Hayden! I want to just keep calling people up and saying they are co-conspirators!"
Diane: "Wouldn't help. He was working, in turn, at the behest of our creditors."
Perrotti: "Then I'll call Michael J. Fox to the..."
Judge: "Baby, no. We're done here."

And actually, that makes total sense. It might not even be a Eli Gold thing, this like one time. Although it does call into question the equity partnership thing, right? Because if they can just redline the whole invoice like that just to get quicker turnaround, why not line out 10% of the total on Lemond Bishop's invoice for being such a good dude, or for sticking with them even though he went to jail for gym memberships or whatever it was? Well, obviously because Diane wanted to squeeze Alicia until blood came out, but you'd think Alicia could have made a case for that, given that Diane was very clear it wasn't about reality but just Lemond knowing they love him even though he's not around right now.

Perrotti: "Well done."
Elsbeth: "Thank you!"
Perrotti: "Do you like the ballet? Me neither, want to not go together? Have dinner instead?"
Elsbeth: "Yeah, but no."
Perrotti: "Can I ask why?"
Elsbeth: "Yeah, but no."

And with a whoosh and a sparkly pink cloud, she is gone, leaving Muad'Dib with his blue eyes gone crossed with desire. When weirdo calls to weirdo, as holy palmers kiss, it can be a mess trying to get yourself back together again.

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