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The Peter Principle

"Is Florrick strategist Eli Gold off the hook yet? Not according to a conversation overheard at Parrillan between a certain unnamed source and AUSA Josh Perrotti... 'I know personally Eli Gold was buying votes. He's going down; he's going down hard.'"

Perrotti: "She spelled my name wrong. But yeah, I am going ahead with my evil plan, because I do know in my heart that Eli is guilty of discounting his crisis management work in return for votes for his ex-wife's Congressional campaign. And since you won't let me just manufacture evidence to prove that case, I'm now approaching it as a conspiracy."
Elsbeth: "Which would require a co-conspirator, okay. So is that the person this is talking about?"
Perrotti: "I don't feel like telling you that."
Elsbeth: "It's called discovery, bro."
Perrotti: "Fine, take me to court."
Elsbeth: "You're telling me to take you to court?"
Perrotti: "Yeah, baby. Take me to court. Take me to the bench and show me what for."
Elsbeth: "I have to go now."


Diane is playing Maddie Hayward in a mock debate staged for Peter's benefit by Jordan Karahalios, putting a neat spin on her opening scene where she mocked Maddie: Her words in Diane's mouth are now her words, in Diane's mouth.

Peter: "I went to jail on a false corruption charge. Trust me when I say I take this shit carefully."
Diane: "I don't need two minutes to respond to that, just two words. Eli Gold."
Peter: "I don't work with Eli Gold. He resigned."
Diane: "Sure, but I mean, you talk a lot about intolerance for corruption, for somebody who until very recently relied on that imp for..."
Peter: "I wouldn't characterize him, or me, exactly that..."
Diane: "So you fired him?"
Peter: "No! God no, I love that little shit. He resigned..."
Diane: "So you would still be employing him otherwise. Meaning you are cool with corruption."
Peter: "Oh my God, Maddie Hayward."

Jordan: "You're very tall. Not even compared to tiny little wonderful me, just in general. And Maddie's even shorter than Diane, who you look like you're about to beat up."
Peter: "You're saying I need to what, to crouch? In case I look like I'm menacing that little monster?"
Jordan: "I'm saying, don't come off as a bully. Make her look crazy and desperate to break your numbers because she's still down, even after all this time."

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