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The Peter Principle

Peter: "Like how Obama pussed out with Romney? Something like that?"
Jordan: "God no. But you're looking for the woman vote, and if you get pissed you're going to remind them of their first husbands."
Peter: "There's still a way I haven't already done that, when I bought a hooker with government cash?"

Diane: "Sorry I kept saying true stuff and pissing you off."
Peter: "Are you kidding? This is great! Kind of like Red Team/Blue Team, but you're smarter and faster than me, and my wife's boss."
Diane: "Speaking of reasons to promote your wife, have you thought about making us your outside firm for civil suits?"
Peter: "Yeah, our current guys went bankrupt. Good thing that doesn't constantly happen to you!"
Diane: "Well, whoever you've got figuring it out, send a little our way."
Peter: "I can do that. Geneva Pine is real good at doing whatever I tell her."


Elsbeth: "So, the restaurant where the conversation supposedly took place. What are you going to do now that we're here?"
Kalinda: "I don't know. I don't really plan these things. I just vibe until something falls apart."
Elsbeth: "All this time I thought I was the only one, but now it's like everybody I meet is also just going Zen on shit. I had no idea you were also crazy."

Hostess: "Table for two?"
Kalinda: "I'm Mr. Joshua Perrotti's personal assistant, and he came in here yesterday for lunch. He was supposed to give his number to his waitperson regarding a personal matter, but he doesn't remember the name of his waitperson..."
Elsbeth: "Hee, hee! That's a lie! You're lying to the hostess!"
Kalinda: "Yeah, but we both have British accents, so it's working on a whole other level. Now instead of just being some hot chick in boots working politics and trying to get this girl fired, the story becomes two British chicks who hate their bosses."
Hostess: "I don't see his name on the..."
Kalinda: "Just let me see the computer screen, okay? Pip pip."
Elsbeth: "Oh, shit. Frank Landau? He's always up Eli's ass about everything, I bet this is the thing. I'm going to tell Eli, on the off chance that he doesn't pull a total Eli and run directly to the DNC HQ for a throwdown."


Eli: "[High-pitched leprechaun squealing, to the effect that Frank Landau has pissed in his morning oats for the very last time.]"

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