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The Peter Principle

Alicia: "Okay, with whom?"
Landau: "Hugh Saxon, the CEO of Greengate Retirement Centers."
Eli: "Are you nuts? That wasn't about buying votes!"
Judge: "Eli, be quiet. You're not a part of this."
Landau: "Jackie Florrick was giving a speech at Greengate, getting on everybody's nerves as usual. Eli talked to Saxon about bussing 600 senior citizens to a straw poll. For your husband."

You know that I don't know anything about anything, but um, isn't a straw poll pretend? We all love the process, of course, and to see democracy in action, but what is the point of ballot-stuffing when you toss out all the ballots at the end of the day and drink champagne? I honestly don't get it. On the other hand, this is going to matter for about five more seconds, so whatever.


Alicia: "I'm going to stand right here while you explain yourselves."
Elsbeth: "Actually, you need to get out of this room. You could be subject to subpoena."
Alicia: "Attorney-client priv..."
Elsbeth: "I'm talking about the real case, not your pretend one. And you're only privileged in what you hear now, not what you might have known about the straw poll before today."
Eli: "Alicia, Peter doesn't know about this. Also, there's nothing to know. This was merely Democratic outreach, to involve seniors in the process."
Elsbeth: "In trade for a discount?"
Eli: "Correlation doesn't imply causality. We coincidentally discussed two topics. Who can say they were linked? Not me."
Alicia: "Ugh, you're not even trying to act classy right now. Florrick out."


Diane: "So somehow when I told you to cut the Bishop hours, you ended up torqueing Cary into adding even more associates to the team. Nice work."
Alicia: "Part of asserting my authority is telling you that I went over it and you're wrong, there's no more slack to take out."
Diane: "That is not what this task was designed to fuck you up on. So I will be more direct and say, you need to cut ten percent of their billable hours. The end."


Alicia: "Oh, hey Will. I'll just take the next one."
Will: "It's fine, we can be on the same elevator. Precedent and history aside, there's nothing saying we're going to make out right now."
Alicia: "Cool. Well, I'm just gonna stand here not looking at you or talking to you. Not only does Diane have me freaked out about our equality with her finger-trap mindgames, but also I'm sleeping with my actual husband, which means kissing you was cheating in a way it wasn't before, when I was married but sleeping with you. Sorry I can't explain any of this, but the thing is that I don't want you knowing that I'm sleeping with my husband."

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