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The Other Grace

Kalinda: "Do you ever get jealous?"
Will: "I guess so, like when people I'm dating meet other people. But I try to be cool and remember it's narcissistic to expect things of people I can't do myself, like monogamy. Are you jealous of somebody or something?"
Kalinda: "How do you stop being jealous?"
Will: "See other people until it goes away? Or else tell the person you want to be exclusive, but then you actually have to."
Kalinda, nodding: "Thank you."
Will, verbatim: "That was a very genuine thank you."

She laughs, but it's funny on another level of how he just explained basic shit to her about a being a human and she was like, That's very interesting. "Will, how do you walk around without everything flying up toward the ceiling?" Well Kalinda, there's this thing called gravity.

So she finishes her drink... And then heads out to an AA meeting, to do her dirty business on the Hirsch case. Which takes about five seconds, and involves her subpoenaing the first person that says hello.


Diane: "So lady, you go to AA with Judd Hirsch?"
Lady: "Ugh, yes. Can I even talk about this?"
Laura: "Your Honor, this is outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous!"
Dunaway: "AA isn't privileged, sorry to say. Isn't that weird?"
Lady: "So yeah. He became a drunk again after his marriage went down the john..."
Hirsch, correctly: "This is gross and cruel."

He leaves, quickly, and Laura kind of loses track of what's going on. It's like the face Alicia always makes right before she comes up with the thing of the week, except nothing comes out.

Lady: "...He's a blackout drunk, so probably he could have said that stuff and not even know he said it..."
Dunaway: "Hellinger, you object now. Come on. Get in the game."
Laura: "Okay, I object!"

Still making that face. Interesting, Laura. Speak up. (Later on, you'll see that she was making the exact face and figuring out the thing of the week, but it's weird to end a scene without the usual "Eureka, Your Honor!" that comes at the end of that face.)


Eli: "I don't actually have a problem with you working on the campaign. But I am very afraid of your mother, who has never really given a fuck when it comes to me and has now doubled down on never ever giving a fuck about anything. So maybe we should strategize about how exactly you can talk to her and how to keep my name out of your mouth..."

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