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The Other Grace

Alicia: "Yay for Laura! But boo on Laura! I want to make so many different faces right now that they all boil down to just my same face."


Alicia: "I share an office with Cary now, you know? So it's kind of rude to just be sitting here at his desk when I come in."
Eli: "But it's where my couch used to be! Anyway listen, the trackers are on Zach too."
Alicia: "Him, I don't worry about."
Eli: "Just saying your kids are involved in the campaign now..."
Alicia: "I know that too."
Eli: "...You want to let them be interviewed, maybe? You should let them help, maybe."
Alicia: "You're doing a thing and I am too tired to figure out what the thing is. So go back to your lair and we'll all get some rest. Storm's comin'."

The storm is bad, by the time Nick's guy finds Cary. Our guy gets in one good punch, but it's not enough. Stupid fuckin' Nick. I mean, there are plenty of ways in which Cary probably deserves to get beat up a little bit. He's a smug little shit with a bunch of entitlement and grudges and the manipulative survival instincts of a feral animal. But the ugly irony here is almost too much; it's a brilliant twist but it's also so sad. Kalinda loves Alicia so much that it shows is not a fair reason for Cary to go down. Not when he's worked so hard on being a better man.


Zach jumps Alicia the second she walks in the door, shoulders slumping, exhausted.

Zach: "I want to be involved in the campaign."
Alicia: "...Fine, let's talk."
Zach: "[Verbatim everything Eli just said to her.]"
Alicia: "I'll think about it. I guess I have to keep you safe in a different way, now."

She kisses Grace; smells Connor on her. Like a mama bird, she smells him. And on the television, the cops are blowing away bad guys and a million sirens are going off. And out in the storm, Cary's bleeding. Quite a mess, altogether. Might be time to give some of those fucks she's been saving.


Owen! Stockard Channing! Alicia and Owen have parents! Weird! Stockhard Channing making friends with David Lee (yikes!) and telling off Peter Florrick (yikes?). The aftermath of the tiny blond-on-tiny blond attack. Kalinda, it seems likely, going ham on Nick for this one. Or so we can at least hope. I can't remember the last time this show felt so serialized, though -- the Laura stuff, the callbacks, the open-ended things with Zach and Grace, the explicit open-door policy between Alicia and Kalinda -- so I'm guessing a lot of shit will go down. And even if it doesn't, wasn't that an insanely good episode just now?

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