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The Other Grace


Alicia: "Oh, shit."
Diane: "Catch me up. I apparently haven't been watching this show long enough to know that when you see Judge Dunaway, things are about to get awful."
Alicia: "Not awful exactly. He's the one that doesn't like being interrupted, and he was pretty cool this one time he accidentally friended a jury member on Facebook, which was kind of embarrassing for everybody. But then he was on the Blue Ribbon Panel, and he was a real piece that time."
Dunaway: "Oh, fuckin' great. Alicia Florrick."
Alicia: "Your Honor."

Before he can even get through the basics of this hearing about Hirsch's bias, Hirsch wanders in looking drunk or crazy. So that's fun.


Grace: "Hey, any monsters or teen killers in this shrubbery that wanna make out?"
Team Edward: "Just me. Alone and unloved. Getting' stoned."
Grace: "My name's also Grace. So there's that."
Team Edward: "The ruder and weirder I get, the more you're gonna wanna hit this."
Grace: "Yeah, you're off to a good start on that."
Team Edward: "So your dad was that politician that got caught with a hooker?"
Grace: "Yeah, just like that."

All of a sudden, they are discovered! Team Edward and his bad-boy earring grab her by the hand and rush her through the shrubbery, just like at the beginning of The Silver Chair with Eustace Scrubb. Only instead of Narnia, Grace falls into: Total butt-crazy first love. Attagirl.


What could be more beautiful than Cary Agos's million-watt smile? Why, the fact that Kalinda Sharma is causing it. They get into a phone-cord tangle while negotiating that tiny shared office, and it's lovely. For exactly the two seconds before you realize Nick Effing Savarese is watching the whole thing, and will probably be drinking mean Perrier at Cary -- if not actually beating him up -- this episode. Just don't touch the face, Nick. I feel like we've discussed this before.

Cary: "So your failed towtruck business. I guess if you want to go after those other guys on fraud, we can do that. The thing is, though, you are more corrupt than they are, or anybody is, or ever has been. So that's tricky."

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