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Ooh, girl.


When Diane comes across the miles of carpet to Will's office, he's talking to a PR agent named Joely about the general vibe of L/G, and this is the already ironic but now phenomenally ironic read she has on the firm:

"You're stable. That's what I'll sell as your publicist. Stability. You don't know how many firms I work with where it's just constant screaming and backbiting. I mean, here, you're all just one big happy family!"

Will barely registers Diane's presence, with a nasty little "What." But of course it only takes a second of Diane's no-nonsense, this-is-real tone before Joely's out the door. But what happens next, he can't seem to hear; like a nightmare of running, like a busted bicycle chain, his brain keeps glitching. It won't catch:

Diane: "Alicia's leaving the firm with Cary, and she's taking our top clients."
Will: "...Nope, try again."
Diane: "Sonya Rucker's leaving the firm. With Cary and Alicia, to their new firm.
Will: "Cary is leaving for a new firm."
Diane: "Yes and also Alicia."
Will: "What?"
Diane: "Ben is Glory, bro. She stopped decorating her office three weeks ago."

He frowns, and threatens tears. When she -- another enemy -- starts in on the "I know it's hard" speech, he stands up: We are certainly not doing that. He heads out, stormclouds knitting on the brow, and she knows where he is going and what he is doing, of course. "Document everything," she yells, and he doesn't even look back to nod. Every step down the hallway is another memory: Smiling secretively in meetings, even when they had nothing going on. Smiling under the sheets, for that blink of an eye:

Will: "You're leaving?"
Alicia: "No honey, it's morning. I just got here."

Then she sees his face; her brain glitches, the gear won't catch. She can't say anything but "What?" He unbuttons his jacket; he is breathing too hard. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Will doesn't turn it off to be a good litigator, he's a good litigator because he can turn it off:

Will: "You are Cary are leaving. It's a yes or no. You're taking clients with you. You decided this three weeks ago."
Alicia: "Yes to all. I'm sorry."
Will: "That helps."
Alicia: "It's time I try something... New."

What she means is that he was always standing silently in the corner of her life, her marriage; she needs a life that doesn't smell like him. But what he hears is that he was never really there at all. He'll never know how close he came, or how dangerous he was. How dangerous he is:

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