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The Forfeiture Corridor

L/G: "Anyway, we didn't get liquidated and you'll still get paid and work on cases. Everything else, shut up about it for now. They've assigned us a trustee, who'll vet new cases and look at ways to save money..."
Rioters: "So he can veto you?"
Diane: "In theory, but have you met me?"
Trustee: "Scuse me."
Rioters: "But you've answered all our questions! And we still need to act out!"
Trustee: "Scuse me."
L/G: "I'm guessing he's a nice guy, anyway. He's probably tops."
Trustee: "Hello? It's me, Nathan Lane. Your trustee?"
L/G: "Normal Nathan Lane, or beyond-obnoxious Rip Taylor Nathan Lane?"
Clarke Hayden: "Actually, I'm toning it down a great deal because I'm grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate I'm still occasionally a talented actor, and not just an outdated and offensive cartoon about gay people that was old twenty years ago."
L/G: "See, guys? Nothing to worry about. Even toned down, he's still pretty adorable."


Hayden: "The paintings everywhere, leased?"
Diane: "No, we own them. I go to galleries and get hit on by bounty hunters, like, all the time."
Will: "And also, our clients are rich as hell. We need to look swank or else they'll think we're in $60M debt or something."
Hayden: "But the office furniture is leased?"
Will: "Um, is this where we lose all our furniture and it's just yoga balls and iPads? If I wanted to work at Google I'd have been born twenty years later."
Hayden: "No, I'm just trying to scare you, basically. And distract you from randomly mentioning that we're going to end up firing, say, everybody. Oh, this red painting is nice."
Diane: "It's from my personal collection. Don't touch it. Don't even look at it."

Hayden wanders off into the firm, like the tiny magical creature that he is, and they just stare.

Will: "So have we hit bottom yet?"
Diane: "No, girl. No we have not."


To a Vampire Weekend-y song we'll hear again at the end of the episode, we see a long montage of Zach using ChumHum (!) to network with other people whose rights have been brought into question, and learn about what those rights are, and... This show has a good, strong heart, and it's the best, but for out-and-out Good Works, I really like this. Just the little reminder to whoever is watching the show on CBS that you have rights and that you kind of need to know what they are, and that you can fight the Man, and all these things.

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The Good Wife




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