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The Forfeiture Corridor

Judge: "No, we don't. Alicia, can you back up what you just said?"
Alicia: "I can totally prove whatever I just yelled. Have you seen this show?"
Judge: "Cool. So we'll talk about obstruction of justice after we make a call about this traffic stop."

Outside, Alicia grabs Peter's equivalent, SA Phil Tapia, to rough him up some more.

Alicia: "This is about my husband, right? You're going after him somehow."
Tapia: "Lady, I don't even know who you are. And I don't 'go after' people. But you should tell your husband, State's Attorney and gubernatorial hopeful Peter Florrick, that the police love their pensions and that I will destroy him using his son."

Zach: "Wait, so am I in trouble or what? That dude was talking crazy."
Alicia: "So help me, Zach, when I'm done with him he won't be talking at all."


Dog Lady: "Dogs aren't like people. They don't need a lot of encouragement and hand-holding to do the thing that they do, because all they are is the thing that they do."

She demonstrates what it's like if you get real manic and do a lot of "here boy!" and "do you smell drugs, boy?" and all the things Robb was doing. Petey, her dog, becomes convinced with not much prompting that Alicia is keeping her dank stash in a filebox on the conference room floor.

Dog Lady: "I just found probable cause to search through your filebox."
Alicia: "Okay, what about this video here where that horrible tall cop guy did that?"
Dog Lady: "Yeah, that's the thing I was doing before. You know what this video needs, though, is chicken music."

Later on, Kalinda's sexual gravity pulls in the dog trainer lady, because after all, she is a person.

Dog Lady: "Even my dogs miss you. Even them."
Kalinda: "Dogs look at me funny. Like they know I'm a wild thing..."
Dog Lady: "Hey, you're looking kind of wild right now. What's happening?"
Kalinda: "My ex-husband just walked into this office, even though I faked my own death and beat up his dude and even asked him politely to stop sex-murdering me all over the continent of North America. I have to go now."


Cary: "I have two beautiful pictures before me. They are both stable businessmen, with good credit and good prospects. One of them, though, is a better candidate for your scheme to convince the government that you are not as sketchy as you look. Can you guess which?"

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The Good Wife




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