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The Forfeiture Corridor

So for Kalinda to come up for air from this deadly relationship, only to be drawn back in by her own conflicting fifty shades of how-do-you-do, that seems very... It's a forfeiture of control that seems, at this very early date and for a formidable woman, a little iffy. Like I said, I have no idea where this is heading, but kinky bisexuals who don't know what's good for them and/or hate themselves and/or use sex for self-harm is something I don't have a lot of patience for, because that's the most boring part of that cliché. So we'll see. I trust this show.


Hayden: "Soooo what does Will bring to the table?"
Diane: "What does W... Will? Will-Will? My partner? Uh, everything? What do you even mean?"
Hayden: "You know, I'm just doing my job here."
Diane: "He is the heart and soul of Litigation, for sta..."
Hayden: "-- Not for the last six months he isn't."
Diane: "Yeah, well, Wendy Scott-Carr is a horror. And his temporary absence is one of the main reasons we have you here now."
Hayden: "You talk about him like he's a trial lawyer, not a partner..."
Diane: "-- No sir. You're not getting me that way either. Will is essential to this firm. He puts the Gardner in Lockhart/Gardner."
Hayden: "Wouldn't it be better if only one person was deciding?"
Diane: "Oh, shut up."


Grace: "[Shut up, Grace.]"
Zach: "Mom, do you have that cop's other arrests?"
Alicia: "No, honey. The SA is freezing us out."
Zach: "Because I have some. I used the internet, got online and asked people if they..."
Alicia: "I don't want to hear about that, it's too confusing."
Zach: "Okay, well, here are their phone numbers and narratives."
Alicia: "Zach, you're like... Are you actually Kalinda?"
Zach: "I'll never tell."

One guy had his car impounded for having a joint in the ashtray; somebody else lost ten grand and never got it back, etc.

Alicia: "Ah. Forfeiture corridor. The PD makes money off of drug forfeitures by pulling over random out-of-town cars or whatever profiling, they check for drugs, impound their shit. Anyway, you are incredible. Good Kalindering."


Eli tries to follow Peter into Alicia's bedroom when they arrive to pick up the kids, resulting in a fairly adorable Primary Colors James Carville scenario where Peter has to actually physically put him outside the door so they can talk.

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