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The Forfeiture Corridor


The camera tracks down Kalinda's strange hallway and into her weird apartment and over to her strange bedroom, where they're having rough Canadian sex. She shoves him against the wall, protesting that she doesn't in fact "miss this," and he heads out into her sad, empty apartment to poke through her sad, empty cabinets while she showers. When he comes back, she's got a gun pointed at the door yet again.

Kalinda: "Leave Chicago."
Nick, dressing: "So. Dinner tomorrow?"
Kalinda: "Leave Chicago."
Nick: "Do you see my awful tattoo? It's a Midnight Sun. I forgive you. It means new beginnings."
Kalinda: "Leave Chicago."
Nick: "You know it's not over, and you know why. And you also know this one other thing. Which is that you knew I was coming, and you didn't run. You stayed."

She shivers. Her bravery starts to look like something else, in the silence when he's gone. You know how the only thing that can cut a diamond is a diamond?


Alicia hangs in Will's doorway as they discuss nothing much, and finally he gestures her into the room. She closes the door and sits next to him on the couch.

Will: "K-Chen was here, yes? Anything I should know about your interview?"
Alicia: "She bugged me, I mean, but no."
Will: "Because she wants to talk to me, too."
Alicia: "Uh, that's really a Diane thing, I think. If we're looking at my work situation..."
Will: "I thought that, but no. She wants just me."
Alicia: "Huh. I don't really think anybody knows about our affair, though. Right?"
Will: "Besides, like, everybody on this show? Yeah, we were real fuckin' subtle."
Alicia: "Perhaps we can engineer some kind of on-set concussion for her."

Will: "Hey, did you have a dog in the office the other day?"
Alicia: "Long story. Hey! Your suspension ends tonight, huh?"
Will: "Yeah, it's gonna be great."
Alicia: "Maybe you should talk to K-Chen after all. Maybe just blow this whole mother sky-high."
Will: "No, crazy. Chill on that."
Alicia: "Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking."
Will: "I'll deal with her. I'll deal with her real good."


David Lee: "Trustee, I don't want to talk to you. I'm out the door. These basic bitches ain't holding me back any longer."

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The Good Wife




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