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The Forfeiture Corridor

Peter: "This is about the GOP having the privilege of lying about anything they want in order to create the most manipulative possible narrative. A privilege we deny ourselves, on the Left, for the same reason people vote Republican in the first place: Everybody wants to feel like they're a good person. The only difference is how you get there. I happen to think his way is the wrong way."
K-Chen: "Yeah, but it works. So I have to ask the questions. Questions like, 'How's your marriage?'"
Peter: "Working on it. Listen, none of this matters. I'm still focusing on the primaries. Should I win the Democratic nomination, you can ask me all you want about Kresteva and his um, attempts to redefine himself as a family man."
K-Chen: "Ooh, girl! Meow!"
Peter: "In four months you can ask me about the meow."
K-Chen: "I won't be here in four months, having been attacked by your entire set and sent home with a concussion and a newfound fear of network dramas, but I'm sure somebody will. Good hang."


Robb: "I didn't find any real drugs in the car, but I did find imaginary made-up drugs in the car."
Zach: "Fuck every single part of th..."
Alicia: "Sshh. So we're good here?"
Robb: "Sure, here's a ticket and a warning and a... Son, is that a recording device?"
Zach: "It is an iPhone."
Robb: "Set to record, Son?"
Zach, before she can stop him: "You bet your ass."

Seems recording an officer is a felony, Son, under Illinois statute blah-blah, but they make sure to have Alicia question this and the officer responding knowledgeably so that later when we find out the archaisms in this particular law it'll be easier to gloss over.

Grace: "Wait, so it's illegal to record you doing something illegal?"
Robb: "Shut up, Grace. Son, erase that recording or I'm stealing your phone."
Zach: "Mom, this is so wrong..."
Alicia: "I know, honey. But just do it."

Zach presses a button; it looks like erasing but it sounds swooshily like emailing. Alicia's split-second grin fights and loses to her jaw-dropped shock that he just did that. Robb freaks the fuck out.

Alicia: "Um, that was the mistake of a flustered tee..."
Zach: "-- It absolutely was not. Eat my entire ass, Officer."


Diane: "The bad news, Your Honor, is that L/G is somehow now in debt like sixty million dollars. We lost a major client, we've got random late receivables, and our lease has increased exponentially. None of which were foreseen but which interact in a particularly unlucky way. If we can get immediate relief from our creditors, we say it'll take five months to satisfy the debt."

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