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The Forfeiture Corridor

Q: "You seem to prefer one-word answers."
A: "Yes."
(Translation: "No. Ya bitch.")

Q: "Are you really mending fences?"
A: "Sure."
Q: "Go on?"
A: "Look. My husband slept with prostitutes, which made our marriage difficult..."

Eli folds in himself, rolling his eyes and hugging himself tight.

A: "...But we have kids, one of them is pretty awesome, and he apologized for his wrongdoings, and I took a couple seasons to consider his apology. We were separated for that time, except for the occasional bout of public cunnilingus or Will-surrogate boning."
Q: "So but now you're together?"
A: "I said we were mending fences, you moron."
Q: "Do you live in his house?"
A: "I have my own apartment, but I also sometimes stay at his house."
Q: "In the same room?"
A: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Eli begins interjecting quiet hoot-laughs, sort of hysterically but also in a very British, "aren't we all compatriots having quite a diverting afternoon" way.

A: "See, my life is my business..."
Q: "But you've made your life public, haven't you?"
A: "No, my husband has."
Q: "Okay, why do you stay with him? Why not get a divorce? Plenty of wronged women throw their shoes over the wall eventually."
A: "I don't feel like it, Kristin Chenoweth!"
Q: "Isn't that setting a bad example to women everywhere, to be such a doormat?"
Eli: "Kristin Chenoweth! Jesus God!"
Q: "New viewers need to be caught up, Eli. These are the questions asked by everybody who doesn't watch the show."

Alicia: "I like my husband. I respect him. He's flawed, but I've grown to accept that. And I committed to a marriage. I don't like breaking commitments."
Q: "Isn't that dragging women back to the Fifties? Women have all the obligation, men have all the freedom?"
Alicia: "I don't give a shit. This isn't about women, and it's not about the Fifties. This is about me."

Word! Not only for the Citizen Ruth aspect, but also for the worn-out social conscience bullshit of getting offended on behalf of hypothetical people. The very essence of privilege is worrying about people that may or may not exist. Fuck sending the wrong message to women: If they were worthwhile in the first place they wouldn't be basing their marriage decisions on the wife of some gubernatorial candidate in the first place.

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The Good Wife




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