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The Forfeiture Corridor

This is the grotesque extrapolation of Boomer narcissism at its finest: The Political Is Personal, because every decision you make -- as a wealthy white feminist -- absolutely shakes the world, and therefore you should make sure that all these invisible, imaginary people -- who aren't as smart and special as you -- have a good role model? Gross me out. Get humble. I am sick to death of being hung out to dry for hypothetical people, but more than that I'm sick of the idea that denying people their agency is the moral thing to do. Who are these doomed, idiot women we're protecting? They don't exist. And even if they did, fuck 'em. Second-guessing my shit wouldn't help them at all anyway. It's just not a valid factor in the decision-making process.


Alicia's watching the onboard camera from Robb's car when Eli comes to yell at her for rightfully telling K-Chen to fuck off. She barely looks up; it's one of the best scenes in the episode.

Eli: "You know how you're not supposed to shop when you're hungry? Well, it's just as important not to do interviews when you're pissed."
Alicia: "Pssh. I wasn't pissed, Eli. But if you don't want me doing interviews..."
Eli: "What I want is for you to stay on message! Kresteva is making this all about family."
Alicia: "Fine. What's the 'message' about our separation you've been in denial about this entire time?"
Eli: "...Hmm. I have no idea. I guess I'll have to stop flailing around for a second. Oh, and I need you to address some group or another next Thursd..."
Alicia, tenderly but distractedly: "I work, Eli."
Eli: "Fine, I'll throw a fit at Will and Diane."
Alicia: "No, I want to work, Eli."
Eli: "Fine, but we're getting together with Peter tomorrow night so I can spin your ambivalence and hopefully manipulate you into being back in love."
Alicia: "Sounds great, lady."

Kalinda stares into space most of the day, these days.

Alicia: "Kalinda. You have a dog-trainer friend, right?"
Kalinda: "You really don't know much about the lesbian community, do you?"


The partners are, of course, rioting. But not about the future, or this marvelous thing that Lockhart and Gardner have built that supplies them with compensation and benefits and bonuses, no. Just about being their whiny bitchy entitled lawyer selves, like usual.

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