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Fake Palindromes
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Cary's estranged father came begging, and even after he tried his hardest to help the old fucker still acted positively horribly. Will and Alicia kissed, which is complicated since she's now bootycalling her husband all the time. Cary is thinking of starting a revolution, now that Alicia's finally won the four-year-old bakeoff, and the partners don't really seem to understand how screwed he feels. Will claims not to have been the Grand Vizier of some kind of Elks Lodge of basketball-playing, corrupt judges, and Kalinda has an odds-defyingly fantastic sidekick.


Smash! Crash! A car accident, documented beautifully to the tune of Andrew Bird's freaky/lovely "Fake Palindromes," carrying over past the morgue placement of the casualty, a Roger Ludwig, and the current primary numbers -- Florrick 51 percent, Hayward 46 -- to Zach Florrick, doing his best to get to third with Nisa.

Nisa: "First base is fine for now, but thanks. Let's talk about how I'm off to college soon."
Zach: "Have you met me? College is a sure thing."
Nisa: "Yeah, but not for another year."
Zach: "So we roll with the changes. Either way we're still the same people."

Tonight, his father finds out if he's going to be the Democratic guber and his mother just made (deliriously compromised) partner at a job she seems to love more and more the less and less she takes it personally. It's a fake palindrome, as we'll see, but for now the lay of the land is this: Nisa wants to talk about the future, about what Zach's going to do without her. And Zach doesn't want to talk about that.

Grace: "Mom's home!"
Alicia: "Yep. Put your clothes on, everybody!"
Zach: "You think that is funny but in fact, hang on for a sec."
Nisa: "In better news, your husband's doing well and Kresteva already won the Republican position, so the race is basically settled. Can Zach come for dinner?"
Alicia: "Have your parents call me. Grace, next time do your homework in the same room as your brother. Perhaps holding hands, or sitting between them. If I can't count on you to fuck everything up for everybody, I don't see the point of you."


Roger's wife Janie (Jessalyn Gilsig!) calls Alicia down to his inquest: Why's she in the morgue when she should be freaking out? Because he always loved her "toughness," and somehow standing around in the horrible morgue is a way of showing it. Admittedly, even Janie knows that she is acting crazy, which is all the confirmation Alicia needs. Seems right now is the appropriate time for the life insurance company to start pushing Justice Ludwig's "negligence" in his accident: He was talking on his cell phone, which while not banned yet in Illinois is still something worth fighting about. Their lawyer is, of course, a smarmy dick named Hobson.

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