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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Kalinda: "Not around my eyes, look straight into my eyes. What kind of plate?"
Reception: "With a bird on it!"
Kalinda: "We were never here. Dream of me."


Diane: "Cary, it's gotta be hard working with your dad. Since he's such a shitslice and all. Not to mention your dad."
Cary: "You said it, lady. Am I doing something wrong? Did he tattle?"
Diane: "You know he did. Listen, I need you to defer to them -- and by them of course, I mean your worst nightmare is coming to pass. Okay?"
Cary: "Jesus H, what did he say? You're not even trying lately. "
Diane: "Nothing I didn't take with a grain of salt, just... Don't get butthurt when I sit in on your next meeting, okay? I'm actually trying to buffer this for you, although you'll never understand that. Partners give face time, it's what we do."
Cary: "I wouldn't fuckin' know."


Trucker Guy: "So yeah, I maybe saw something. Listen, are you two like, the Cagney and Lacey of blowjobs?"
Robyn Burdine: "I... What? Gross. That makes me sad."
Kalinda: "Can you come over here to a private place for a second?"

It is not a blowjob. We don't know what it is, that she whispers in his ear, but blowjobs are not a part of it. It may well involve his genitals, but not in a good way. All we know for sure is that the trucker's face goes white and he immediately pulls it together for them. The joy that breaks out on Robyn Burdine's face as he does this -- metaphorical hat in hand -- is one of the lovelier moments of the episode, the show, and possibly life.

Trucker Guy: "I didn't see the crash, but I saw the cars involved and one of them was a sedan and the other one was a black SUV that came up fast, honking the horn, lights flashing, totally out of control."
Kalinda: "And?"
Trucker Guy: "...And I'm sorry for the way I talked to you before."
Robyn Burdine: "You know what? It's okay! Kalinda Sharma!"

Alicia: "So who's the lady?"
Kalinda: "Blonde in her 40's who fought with Ludwig and seems to have driven him off the road."
Will: "So, pissed off mistress? Drives him off the road?"
Robyn Burdine: "Maybe, but not definitively."
Will: "Well, the coroner is very into spectacle. He loves this suicide theory and I'm thinking he'll be as intrigued if not more by a murder. You guys get the motel clerk as a witness and we'll figure out a way to admit him into the inquest."

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