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Robyn Burdine leans sweetly against her headrest, gazing on the singularity of Kalinda Sharma, and begs begs begs for her to say what she did to make that trucker behave, and the only person loving it more than Robyn Burdine -- or you, or me -- is of course Kalinda Sharma.

Of all the story needs we foresaw Robyn Burdine fulfilling, I didn't even realize how powerful it would be, to have somebody amazed by Kalinda again. This "training day" vibe is bringing in all sorts of wonderful colors, isn't it? We never get to see her doing her job from this direction, just making wonders and moving on to the next thing. But to have somebody there giving her the same googly-eyes that made Hayden Clarke fall for Cary, that's an angle I never would have thought of. I love it.

If you think, too, about how efficient a way this is to remind us how we used to feel about Kalinda, it gets a little iffy, but from a storytelling standpoint it's exceedingly clever. The only thing better than everybody applauding you -- which isn't that great, check out how it's working for Alicia -- is one person doing it. And if that person is as simultaneously opaque and open as a Robyn Burdine, you wouldn't even notice how the story is rebooting you. I like it. I like the care and thought it shows.

It wouldn't be enough to have a cheerleader, it wouldn't work at all to have some kind of horrible teen hacker-girl like usual in these situations, but a person who is also formidable and interesting and can at the same time be new to this world... They've really put a lot of touches and trapdoors on this character, already, just in a few scenes, that make it totally believable. Yes, being a woman can mean lots of different things, and yes, they do balance each other out like Will was saying. Yes, the best way to show how we're recovering from Nick Savarese is to make constant G-rated sex jokes about them as two women. But they're also both incredibly observant and intuitive, which means every instance of the mind-meld (for example) does the double-duty of reminding us about Kalinda while also selling us on this softer, brighter twin they've given her.

How do you tame a wild tiger? Give her a daughter. How do you heal someone from believing that she's meant to be alone forever? Show her that she's not, and never was.


Another little music-video moment: Alicia and Will studying precedent in their offices, looking for a way to get this mistress/murder thing into the discussion, under the soothing tones of Andreya Triana's "Draw The Stars," which is about what we get up to while everybody else is asleep -- and sometimes, how much easier that makes it to give in to forces you ignore by day.

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