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Fake Palindromes

But the reason for that is something that doesn't make sense to Alicia: Even at night, you're still you. The reason people can do the shitty things they do is because they can justify it to themselves. Nobody's the villain of their movie. Which means it becomes about whether or not you can get away with it: If nobody sees you find the wallet, you get to keep the wallet.

Alicia: "Oh, you're still here too? I guess we can chat about this. I found this one case..."
Will: "I found that exact same one!"
Alicia: "Really? That's crazy! But too bad we lost time to parallel work..."
Will: "No, actually I'm just being adorable."
Alicia: "I'll say. Listen, so this was a lawsuit over a biased inquest. Insufficient evidence."
Will: "Scare the coroner out of passing on evidence of a possible murder. Gross, I love it."

But Alicia wouldn't keep the wallet, because her choices come from an altogether different place, even now. What she learned, in the silence every day at three PM, was that even when nobody's watching you, you're still there. You're still there with yourself. And everybody else can go fuck off, that's fine: You're left with you.

If you start telling yourself stories to justify your actions, those just-in-case conversations about how if somebody else were to question you, you could say this or that, this rationale, this "he hit me first" kindergarten narrative, you can get away with anything. But that's giving yourself and your actions a moral symmetry that doesn't exist. A fake palindrome that comes out of your mouth in almost exactly the same form as it went in, if anybody were there to listen. But they're not.

Nobody is watching you, nobody can hear your narrative about why it's okay. There's just you, and your choices. Your actions, your behavior. Now, maybe St. Alicia worries a bit too much about what other people think. You're probably right about that. But S4 Alicia has seen the other side of that: What happens when you put so much stock into putting no stock in other people's opinions that you end up only telling mirror stories about who you are and why you do the things you do. Either way, you're talking to yourself. Is that somebody you could love for the rest of your life?

Will: "Hey, is Peter going to get weird if I go to the Chicago Shamrock Dinner?"
Alicia: "Why on earth would he?"
Will: "Cut the shit. I don't want to be wary of you. I don't want to avoid..."

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