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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Alicia: "-- I know. Remember when we were friends?"
Will: "Let's give that a shot."
Alicia: "At least until I get bored, or Peter pisses me off. Then probably I'm just going to commit adultery. You know that, right?"
Will: "If I could read your mind, I wouldn't have spent six months becoming a cutter."
Alicia: "Great, so we'll just be chill and kick rocks with each other. Neat."

To prove the point -- to herself, who is the only person watching, because herself is only ever the only person watching -- she jumps back behind a file cabinet on her way out, so that Will can take the elevator alone. She's not a liar, we're not wary; we're not avoiding each other. It's just so late, tonight. To say it's a losing battle would be to imply it's a battle that ever, ever stops.


Alicia: "Hey, Nisa. Headed home? I didn't know you were here..."
Nisa: "Don't worry about it."
Alicia: "Whoa, you look jacked up. What's wrong?"
Nisa: "Nothing, um, that I could possibly verbalize to you. Don't worry about it."

Alicia: "Grace, spill."
Grace: (Does so, in the most maddeningly elliptical, unhelpful possible manner.)
Alicia: "Grace. Talk to me as if I weren't omniscient."
Grace: "[Succinct.]"
Alicia: "Son of a bitch. And this is coming from Eli?"
Grace: "Nope, Jordan. He sat down with Zach, Zach sat down with Nisa."
Alicia: "Why is that everybody thinks they're allowed to parent my children?"


She stomps the hell on in there in the morning, and it's great: She blows past Nora and into a conference room where Eli is standing alone at the head of the table like freakin' Hudsucker, and he throws his arms wide -- "Alicia!" -- and she just turns around and stomps through the rest of the offices. Neat camera work. You can even almost see him creep around to watch the fireworks.

Alicia: "How dare you counsel my son on his personal life, without..."
Jordan: "Can we not do this out here?"
Alicia: "Hold still, little man. You're not hiding from Alicia Justice because there is no hiding from Alicia Justice and you might as well get used to that."
Jordan: "He asked if the photo was affecting the campaign, I told him the truth. I said that we were taking a hit."

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