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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Diane: "That's so weird, I was just thinking the same thing. Especially the part about your career."


Hobson brings in Lake County ASA Shirley Mann, smirking all the while.

Claypool: "So we're looking at accidental death, suicide, and murder. Great!"
Mann: "I want to ask Janie Ludwig three questions."
Will: "Oh, for God's sake. What now?"
Alicia: "Short, declarative answers. This is going to get weird, I can feel it."

Mann: "Sorry for your loss or whatever. Question one, you said you stayed home that night?"
Janie: "Yeah, I wasn't well."
Mann: "Question two, under oath by the way, you were there until they called you about him dying, at 12
Janie: "That's what I said, yes."
Mann: "Question three, are you sure?"

Hobson smirks, Janie flips, Alicia's grossed out, the jury and Coroner Claypool are eating it up. One thing I very much like about this episode is that it consistently shows Will being faster -- not smarter, necessarily, just quicker on the uptake -- than everybody else, which is nice to see from the storied King of All Litigation. He adapted to the inquest rules, he adapted to the shifting stories, he was conversationally awesome in the late-night precedent hunt, and here too he's a second faster than everybody else.

It props up his personal narrative of being the smartest guy in the room, it helps sell the fact that his absence helped lead to the firm's bankruptcy, and best of all it walks him back from the last few times (like the Olympics, like JAG) where he wasn't these things. I'd gone to thinking of him -- benignly, not even consciously -- as furniture. I forgot that he had this reputation for a reason. This is turning out to be a very character-underscoring episode, with these broad gestures like this. I like it.

Will: "Fifth!"
Janie: "On counsel's advice, I am invoking my Fifth Amendment right not to answer."
Mann: "...Because I have this affidavit where your neighbor says you were out of the house between ten and almost midnight, so..."
Janie: "On counsel's advice, I am invoking my Fifth Amendment right not to answer."
Alicia: "Well, shit."


Janie: "Yeah, okay. I suspected the affair."
Will: "And you lied to the cops about that night? The night of your husband's death? Where you stood to get two million bucks?"

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