The Good Wife
Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Diane: "I have never been this honestly pleased in my entire life."
Agos: "Well, isn't that nice. Isn't that just super nice for everybody."
Cary: "Dale, Dad. Welcome to Lockhart/Gardner. Again!"

Everybody laughs, but Diane's been walking this one so carefully that her glorious laugh, which would usually top the chorus, stays down near the middle. Well, that and the fact that it's like she can see Cary Agos all over again. Like they just met. And he knows it.

Cary: "Dad, let me walk you right the fuck on out."
Agos: "It's going to be 'great' working together!"
Cary: "Is it? Because my good friend Dale told me he'd prefer to keep it with the general counsel. No middlemen, just me and their lawyers, working together without running gross scams on everybody."
Agos: "You little shit. You sure can hold a grudge."
Cary: "You giant shit, it was never about that. Giving you a chance every time you beg for one, and then falling on my ass, is the opposite of holding a grudge. You confuse persecution with not getting what you want. How's that football taste?"


Kalinda: "So you guys were pretty good friends, huh?"
Bigelow: "The best! Me and my blonde wife Bethany were heartbroken by this news."
Robyn Burdine: "Did he bring anybody else to dinner? Like a murdering whore, perhaps?"
Bigelow: "No, it was just us. Listen, we had an intervention a year ago and told him to stop having affairs..."
Kalinda: "Tell me more!"
Bigelow: "I don't need to, because my blonde wife that drives a black SUV with birds on the license plate just walked in."

Bethany: "Oh gosh, he was murdered? That's so weird!"


Robyn Burdine: "So what are we going to do?"
Kalinda: "I'm going to kick the bumper and set off the alarm, and then we're going to wait for her to come out..."
Robyn Burdine: "She's even gonna know why! It's like a surprise party! This is so awesome! I'm gonna cross my arms! Let's just stand here! We're just standing here!"

Bethany: "What do you bitches want?"
Kalinda: "You were having an affair with a man who was killed, yes?"
Bethany: "Yeah, okay. Yeah, I met him at that motel during his fake dinner with my husband. Yeah, we got into a screaming fight. But I was dumping him. And I came straight home."

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The Good Wife




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