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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Kalinda: "Can your husband confirm that?"
Bethany: "Just the last part. Please don't talk to him, it'll eff everything up."

Robyn Burdine: "Black SUV! Are you saying there's another black SUV in this story?"
Bethany: "Yeah, and it was driving crazy."
Robyn Burdine: "Which you, of course, will have reported."
Bethany: "No way. Hey, I was just leaving my affair with my good friend's husband and I saw something so I'm saying something."


Hobson: "Ludicrous!"
L/G: "Not ludicrous. This guy Landon Boyce got pulled over with a .10 BAC..."
Hobson: "Conspiracy! Lunacy!"
Alicia: "Not especially. The cops didn't connect it because he made it into Cook County before getting pulled over."

Will produces for Hobson -- without looking, like a smartass pimp -- information from the DUI guy's EDR, which Alicia helpfully explains is like a blackbox recorder that some cars, apparently, have. At 11:42 -- the exact moment, of course -- that EDR shows him swerving, braking hard, and stopping. Hit and run.

Hobson: "This is some magical fifth-act bullshit..."
Alicia: "On this show we call it Kalinda, and it's marvelous. If you wanted to watch a legal procedural you'd be watching one."
Claypool: "So wait, there's actual evidence of one of you guys's insane theories? Awesome. Let's take it to the jury!"


Janie: "Wait, so they just settled? For the full two million?"
Will: "Their lawyer -- who's such a douche his name is 'Wilk Hobson,' I just realized that's his name, what a couple of balls that asshole's got being called that -- couldn't risk the jury. If they ruled it an accident, it would have been four million."
Alicia: "We're just sorry all your mess got talked about."
Janie: "There's no need to be sorry about the truth."
Alicia: "That's very wise."
Janie: "My cheating husband is dead and I'm a millionaire. Who needs wisdom."

Will: "We are a good team, when we're not acting totally neurotic."
Alicia: "Speaking of wronged wives not giving a fuck about anything."
Will: "See you at the Chicago Shamrock Dinner?"
Alicia: "You know it's white tie, right?"

And after the longest, most hilarious pause: "Mwhat?"

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The Good Wife




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