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Fake Palindromes


Eli: "Oh, Jordy. Packin' up? How come?"
Jordan: "Can we not?"
Eli: "No, I need you to tell me how well my awful plan worked out."
Jordan: "Jacob'll probably start crying if we linger on me leaving for too long, so I'll just say this. He was right. Assholes think they've figured it out, but they've only figured out half of it. The easy half, at that. The high school half."
Eli: "Where's your proof? How many people agree with you? How many people would agree with my cynicism about this? You got played, admit it."
Jordan: "A man doesn't need a consensus to do what's right. That's the difference. You think it's about other people, it's not. It's about you. Even when nobody's watching you, there's still you. You don't even own the square foot of land you're standing on."
Eli: "Hold on, let me write this down..."
Jordan: "Have fun with your sarcasm, and your loneliness. Karahalios out."

Plenty of people would disagree, he thinks. Plenty of people know who lost out, tonight. How clever he is. The only thing more righteous than self-righteousness is recognizing that everyone lives in the real world. The only thing better than being above it is being smart enough to realize you're already in it. Everybody knows that, right?


Alicia looks every bit as amazing as she did in the preview last week. Simple, red, hair up and Grecian. Totally glamorous.

Grace: "You look like a princess."
Alicia: "Don't gawp, dear. Although considering this was 60 percent off, that's awesome of you to say."
Zach: "No lie, you look awesome. Listen, Stockard Channing is coming next episode."
Grace: "Let's hide the booze. And say prayers."
Zach: "It's... St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, kid. There is no hiding the booze."
Alicia: "Well, fuck. I don't have time to deal with that this week."

Alicia: "Hey Zach, before I go to this party next episode, can I ask you something?"
Zach: "Whatever you're worried about, don't be. I'm totally fine."
Alicia: "Honey, the campaign can warp a lot of our perceptions. You have to know that it doesn't... You date whoever you want. You can do whatever you want. They aren't watching you. I am."
Zach: "I was going to break up with her anyways..."
Alicia: "Honey, you're such a sweet boy, and we love that, but I'm making a point for both our sakes about self-determination and..."

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