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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes


Will: "...Okay, Janie. I'll admit I would have biffed the inquest just as bad, although since I'm not married to the SA he probably wouldn't have been such a dick about it. I'll read up."
Diane: "This about that car crash? Horrible! Is there any reason you'd feel weird about helping her out with that?"
Will: "None at all. You look, by the way, fucking fantastic."
Diane: "Wanna go to the Chicago Shamrock Dinner? This would be the first time we've been asked to attend, so, if you wanna rub elbows with leprechauns I say we go for it. We both know leprechauns run this town."
Will: "You know what would be really awful is if we wait to see how Peter does in the election before committing to a table. Just blatantly putting that out there, out loud."
Diane: "I love it!"

Cary: "You called me in for some reason?"
L/G: "Unbeknownst to yourself, a mystery party just got us Emmonds Pharmaceuticals away from Canning, in your name! Congratulations on finally using your sneaky networking skills for us, rather than as a childish tantrum!"
Cary: "Unbeknownst to you all, I already presume this is my estranged father's doing, and therefore will probably find a way to turn this into the dumbest tantrum of all. But for the record, thanks for your praise. Part of me -- the majority of me, frankly -- needs that like oxygen, regardless of where it's coming from."
Diane: "If you keep this up, you might just deserve it one day. Five million a year, and the trust of their chief counsel! Why, you're almost as much of a human being as Alicia, today. If only you'd married better, it could be a dead heat."


Cary: "Couldn't come at a worse time. I've already got a mom and dad right here in this office that I hate."
Dad: "But you get an office right on the same floor as the partners!"
Cary: "Um, yeah. Because that's the only floor we have. Thanks for doubling down."
Dad: "Anyway, last time we spoke you wouldn't endorse me for a press secretary job? Well, speaking of doubling down, I've taken the only job that is for a worse person. I'm a lobbyist for a pharmaceutical company!"
Cary: "I figured. What's the scam?"
Dad: "No scam, we're just drafting a medical marijuana statute to destroy another pharmaceutical company before they can pass theirs. With competing pot initiatives on the ballet, the voters won't know what's up -- especially the ones that could actually pass it!"

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