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Fake Palindromes

Jordan: "I don't know any of that, so I'm going to sit here in my adorable roll-neck varsity jacket in a heather grey that perfectly complements my eyes, and come up with a brainy solution you never would have thought of."

But it's worth noting that TR Knight's go-to soundbite for this character has been that karahalios is etymologically related to a bird of prey.


Cop: "Skid marks on the road reveal a course correction, which we've determined was made at 55 mph, or 10 miles over the limit..."
Hobson: (Smarms.)
Will: "Hey, Alicia. I'm here to help, not to piss you off."
Alicia: "It's fine. I don't guess there's anything I should say to warn you..."
Claypool: "Oh, we have a whole legal team now? Aren't we grand! Go ahead."
Will: "Thank you, Coroner Claypool. Now..."
Alicia: "-- Oh wait, you can only ask three questions! Three questions and you're out. Sorry. Duh, that's like the first thing I should have said."

Will: "There was no bluetooth in Justice Ludwig's car, but his phone had speaker like everybody else, so couldn't he have been talking on speaker?"
Cop: "True. We have no way of knowing whether he was holding his phone, dangling it from ear like giant fun jewelry, making a martini..."
Will, tiptoeing: "Okay, but rather than the use of a phone .., or the speed he was traveling ... couldn't the presence of black ice on the road have ... forced Justice Ludwig to make this course correction ... sending him into the guardrail ... which by its mere presence implies this is a ... very sharp curve in the road?"
Alicia: "Aw, see? That's totally how I would have done it."
Hobson: "Objection! That was like ten questions!"
Claypool: "No. Speaking of course corrections, I'm going to be cool now that we're actually doing this right."

Cop: "The DOT does place guardrails for various reasons, sir, and yes, I observed black ice on the road that night, but with those road conditions, the victim should have been driving under the speed limit."
Alicia: "This sounds like we it's in desperate need of Kalindering, and I blew my wad in five seconds, so I'm just gonna ditch you here."
Janie: "That's fine, really."
Will: "I want to hold onto my third question, since I've stirred up a bunch of stuff."

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