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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Hobson: "No!"
Claypool: "Yes. The point of this whole setup is to generate talking points. It's not a trial, and I wanna hear more about the black ice."


Kalinda's phone rings at the scene, so of course Robyn Burdine picks it up, because she's too Robyn Burdine to be afraid of Kalinda slapping her and/or she already understands Kalinda well enough to know it wouldn't actually bother Kalinda to do that.

Robyn Burdine: "It's Robyn Burdine! Your other investigator!"
Alicia: "Cool, listen..."
Robyn Burdine: "I picked up Kalinda's phone! Because it was ringing! Not to be naughty!"
Alicia: "Can you ask her to find stuff that proves it was an accident? Like presumably was the point of you going there in the first place? So it's unclear why I'm making this call?"
Robyn Burdine: "That is so many words! Here is Kalinda!"
Kalinda: "Actually, I can't talk. I might have just Kalindered this shit."

They stare up into the trees like the owls are not what they seem, and have another mind-meld about... Oh, I get it: The streetlight is on, even though it's daytime and not all that overcast? Or it's the kind of lamp it is, maybe? If this show weren't awesome, that's what it would be about: Now the DOJ has to prove or not prove they fucked up their streetlight, so then we go backwards to prove or not prove Ludwig wasn't negligent, and it's four-way lawyer bullshit between all the interests, like how it sometimes happens when Canning -- for example -- comes around. But the twists here are way better than that, so I got all nervous and unnecessarily pre-annoyed. Which is redundant, in life but especially with this particular show.


Cop: "...But we didn't really think it was the black ice."
Alicia: "Can I have Will's last question?"
Hobson: "No!"
Claypool: "Go for it!"

Alicia: "Officer Rivera ... has the county been replacing the dimmer, orange incandescent streetlights on that road with the brighter LED lights ... which would mean that the night of the accident, in the ... hundred yards preceding the bend in the road ... the judge entered a darker stretch that ... doesn't show the black ice as well ... resulting in ... the judge having to make a last-second course correction?"
(Actual lapsed-time edit while everybody stares at her.)

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