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Invitation To an Inquest

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Fake Palindromes

Eli, whispering: "Nora, go see if they're done."
Nora, whispering: "Eli, go fuck yourself."
Eli, hissing: "Nora, I am the boss and you are the assistant!"
Nora, hissing: "Eli, you are a capering dwarf and I am six feet tall. Does my wonderful giant afro not signal anything to you about my skills in the martial arts?"

Zach comes busting out and of course gives him the Alicia treatment -- "Nothing, I'm fine, don't worry about it" -- and Nora silently judges Eli as he gives himself a good old-fashioned fist-pump, complete with faux-innocent "Look at all this paper" eyes of concern. I can certainly see why he would want to leave this one for my Jordy, because you and I both know whoever hurts Zach is getting a fistful of Alicia Justice, but it's also funny because like, at this point if Eli tried to talk Zach into drinking milk with dinner he'd probably start chugging vodka, like any other Florrick, while looking him in the eye.

But also, that's gotta be what's gonna happen, right? Zach's going to pull some kind of "The Florrick Kids Love Palestine" shit on them either way, so you might as well clear the blast radius. And since Eli seems to think it's only going to take him a day to get rid of Jordan, it's smart on all the levels Eli seems to think... Except for how Zach is the only person on earth more Over It than Alicia when it comes to this crap, and smarter than everyone else put together -- except Kalinda, obvs. -- on this show that is already about geniuses.


Alicia: "Mr. Agos, for whom I do not have time, and actually kind of hate because of your parenting and, separately, your treatment of my friend. What do you want?"
Agos: "To get on your jock about making partner, of course."
Alicia: "Right, right. Anything to undercut Cary under the pretense of support. How about this narrative, which actually works really well. We're both fourth-years, but he spent a season basically as my husband's intern, so that's why he's under us now."
Agos: "So he's not on the partner track?"
Alicia: "Bitch, that's not what I said. I'm sure his yacht's in the mail."

Cary: "Stop bothering the nice lady, dickhole."
Agos: "I was just saying, it certainly is funny that she made partner ahead of you, huh? You must feel really emasculated by that. This is your father saying this."

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