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Kelly Coffield-Park from In Living Color has not aged from what I can tell, which is nice. I think she's dear. She is Christie Yeargin, an investigator at the Illinois Attorney General who was on the Justice Ludwig bribery thing.

Hobson: "Question one, obviously, is whether this has to do with those ubiquitous Wednesday Night Basketball Games about which this show actually stopped talking for a minute?"
Yeargin: "Kind of. It started there, but we found out that he was in way over his head, financially..."
Janie: "It's true. We were living so above our means it was amazing."
Hobson: "Question two, between the investigation and the finances, didn't he probably just go ahead and commit suicide?"
Yeargin: "I mean, he wasn't thrilled about it? But come on."

Will: "Tasteless, right? Mrs. Yeargin, it's been way too long since we last discussed my baroque secret society of corrupt basketball-playing judges. Question one, how many judges does the AG investigate every year?"
Yeargin: "Depends on how corrupt everybody's feeling."
Will: "Question two, how many of these... You know what, sorry. Question two, how many times does your investigation actually ... lead to charges being filed ... against the judge?"
Yeargin: "Thankfully, not very often. Being a judge makes you more susceptible to corruption in some ways, but there are enough true believers that on average it makes them less so."
Will: "And in this case you didn't have any solid evidence that Justice Ludwig had actually accepted a bribe?"
Yeargin: "We were working on it."
Will: "Question four... Oh, wait. Dang it."


Robyn Burdine: "We can wait for Kalinda if you want! I don't mind! No? Okay, here goes! The Ludwigs were in terrible financial trouble, that is true. But I don't think Mrs. Ludwig knew that. And then this bribery stuff, apparently there was this lawyer..."
Alicia: "WE KNOW."
Robyn Burdine: "See, there were these basketball games..."
Alicia: "MOVING ON."
Robyn Burdine: "Oh, okay! Get this, though. He had dinner with a lobbyist that night, a Jared Bigelow, at eight. And then we got his tollway pass... You know what that is?"
Will: "Yeah, because we're ... people."
Robyn Burdine: "I just got my permit! Cross those fingers you guys!"

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