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Je Ne Regrette Rien
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Like all plans involving US Attorney and Actual Cannibal Wendy Scott-Carr, a host of institutions have arrived at the doors of Lockhart/Gardner, claiming to be investigating Parker Posey's campaign contributions but actually going after... Who can say? Eli, Diane, and Peter all seem like possible targets, but only Eli is invested in making it all about him. As per.


Alicia makes breakfast for her family while engaging in sexual fantasies of such graphic vagueness that it puts a sassy curl in her hair. Who is that underneath her, in the dream?

Alicia: "Oh sorry, I blanked out for a second. Are you working on homework?"
Zach: "No, it's morning. I already did my homework. How long have you been standing at that stove, eyes crossed with furtive desire?"
Alicia: "Sometimes it seems like years, kid. Are you working on Dad's campaign?"
Zach: "Right now? Yes. And something weird has happened, I have to call Eli."
Grace: "What is going on with Zach these days? Did he do his homework?"
Alicia, verbatim: "I don't know. I've given up on parenting."
Grace: "You look really good. Your hair has this flagrant sort of apr├Ęs-sex thing going on."
Alicia: "And yet all I am doing is making breakfast. Promise."


Eli: "Dear conference call, I got Jordan Karahalios cutin' up the joint. He was Chief of Staff to Barbara Boxer, and has worked on three California senatorial campaigns, and he is the best."
Jordan, verbatim: "Hello, print journalists! How does it feel to perpetuate a dying medium?"
Print Journalists: "Letting that one slide for now, because it's more interesting to talk about how maybe the DNC stuck you two together because Eli's lost a little halo?"
Jordan: "There is no loss of confidence in Eli. He is still Eli."
Print Journalists: "But Maddie's gaining on you."
Jordan: "Yeah, just because it's interesting. She's interesting, Maddie Hayward. Watching a woman become a self-made millionaire and run for public office is still, for the kind of dicks that run everything, kind of like watching a dog walk on its hind legs, pushing a baby carriage or carrying a little parasol. No offense."

Admin: "Seriously Eli, take this call. I know watching Jordan do anything is wonderful, but you know Zach only calls in the first act when something fucked up is going down."

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