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Je Ne Regrette Rien

Alicia: "I've got a lawyer in stir. You?"
Peter: "I'm, uh, watching Eli and Jordan argue over whether I should go to the Minority Rights Coalition today. It's weirdly hot, like watching Hobbits wrestle."
Alicia: "Did I mention it's Elsbeth Tascioni?"
Peter: "-- I'll call the judge right away. Oh wait, she was my lawyer, that'll look weird."
Alicia: "You are so sweet for thinking of it, though! You deserve a special treat later. A special treat of me having sex with you, I mean."
Peter: "Nice. But still, it's Elsbeth... What if you question the arrest itself? Make it a constitutional issue, and then the presiding judge will have to transport her."
Alicia: "Good! That's so smart. How did you just come up with that?"
Peter: "You said the words Elsbeth Tascioni."


Diane questions the analyst who discovered the ghosting, who was the same doctor who nailed the Notorious Six. After some hot posturing on Diane's part and some obnoxious posturing on his, we get to the heart of the matter: He's making his bones by having discovered this new untraceable marker and advancing the science of drug testing.

Dr. Chesterfield: "Think of contrails from an airplane. They don't just appear, something had to make them."
Diane: "So how do you prove definitely that Anna used this compound when she denies it? Does she have contrails?"
Plunkett: "Contrails are enough. They were enough with Lance Armstrong..."

Everybody yells at everybody else, and Will gets pissy and the head of the tribunal calls him "Rambo" and keeps talking about "Rambo" and it's funny, but in the end they are reminded that the tribunal doesn't actually need actual proof to keep her from running. It's silly made-up Swiss law, remember.


Kalinda: "Hey, little lady. I'm looking over your trial notes for Will and Diane and I gotta say, they don't make a shitload of sense..."
Elsbeth: "Diane's on it too? You guys are so awesome. So awesome!"
Kalinda: "This guy keeps talking about contrails..."
Elsbeth: "I know, right? Chesterfield and his contrails. The thing is that he's not wrong. With doping charges is the burden of proof is reversed. You gotta attack the three pillars. Hang on while I think of them."

She does, after a while: Analysis, Confidentiality, Chain of Custody.

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