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Je Ne Regrette Rien

Peter: "Wait, are we like... What just happened?"
Alicia: "I'm fairly sure we did it. Chicago Style."
Peter: "Yeah but like, are we married, or..."
Alicia: "You really want to ask questions about this? Was that little bout not sufficient?"
Peter: "If I were a smarter man, I would realize this was a booty call. But since I'm Peter Florrick and have the advantage of everything being about my dick most of the time, I see no reason to objectively investigate my prejudices here. You don't know what you don't know."
Alicia: "Good boy. See you when I feel like it."

I would love it if Peter figured this out sometime and was like, "You make me feel like a whore!" Because first of all, bullshit. If men were ever completely honest about this, we'd all be having a lot more sex and feeling a lot worse about ourselves. Feeling bad for not feeling bad. But second of all, it's Alicia. You take what she deigns to give you, maggot, and by God you say thank you at the end.

Eli: "Peter! I am very worried! Let me on that bus! I am worried about your feelings! And also being stuck out here in this race riot you started!"
Alicia: "Just me, getting off. The bus, I mean!"
Eli: "Nice one."


Alicia: "I swear this is a constitutional matter!"
Geneva, verbatim: "No, it is a stupid matter."

In the case of Elsbeth Tascioni chasing and tackling CEO Fassel -- after he run away from her unicorn-riding aggression at the Braddock University Q&A -- the facts are laid out as follows: The campus police got her in the parking garage, which is not university property because they only lease certain floors of the garage, and Elsbeth was finally taken down in a stairwell between them. The conversation is super fun and goes on for a while, but that's the basics. Geneva Pine, of course, has fucking had it, but there's no reason for anybody else in this scene to know that. Or how willing she is, today, to dig in her motherfucking heels and send Elsbeth to witch jail forever and ever. The judge is less interested in any of this, and of course Alicia just wants to salvage some weekend.


Diane, as is her wont and Will's as well, has figured out a way to use Elsbeth's third option as far as the ICSH confusion: chain of custody indeed. This one also takes a while to wind down and is lots of fun, but yeah. Kalinda has managed to prove -- while, of course, joining Diane in giving the gross Euros a wink and a wiggle or two -- that the samples were tainted and left out overnight or whatever. Diane listens to them debate: "The German is against us, but not as strongly. Villapique says this is what comes from these Rambo tactics... We need to flip the German. Where's Tascioni?"

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