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Elsbeth: "Alicia! In here! In this jail cell!"
Alicia: "I feel like you left something out earlier."
Elsbeth: "I left many things out, it's true. This is merely one. But I will now tell you about it. I was arrested while chasing down Simon Fassel, the CEO in this arbitration, after a Q&A at a college speech. In shape no bigger than an agate-stone on the forefinger of an alderman, my chariot an empty hazelnut made by the joiner squirrel or old grub."

Will: "...Wait, you're in Skokie? You gotta this lawyer transported back to Chicago in the next twenty minutes or he won't get a hearing until Monday. And I am too busy to cover it, so we gotta get somebody to..."
Alicia: "It's Elsbeth Tascioni."
Will: "Oh. I will be at the courthouse in five seconds."


Will: "Miss Buday? I'm Will Gardner, I'm friends with Elsbeth."
Anna: "Who is where?"
Will: "I know, right? Listen, we just gotta get a continuance, your contract is ironclad and you've won two silver medals. At worst, I'll do today's evidence and she'll be back Monday."

Anna yells at Simon and counsel as they're headed in, because who the hell are you to be getting Elsbeth Tascioni arrested.

Morgan Croft, Esquire: "I miss Elsbeth too. As an opponent, she was very entertaining."
Anna: "Can you beat these sons of bitches?"
Will: "Nobody talks about Elsbeth that way. You betcha."

The commercial Anna shot for Erebos last December hasn't ever been shown, but that's not in the contract. The company's overextended on endorsements, which is why they're cutting costs, but until -- today, apparently -- they've slacked on showing cause for why this particular one is getting voided. The precise language is, "may be voided if the athlete is banned from a race due to doping."

Anna: "Do what?"
Croft: "Yeah, you're about to be banned from Monday's world team trials based on the AADL findings as of last night."
Anna: "Uh, I've never done that. My parents would kill me."
Croft: "And yet. If you miss your race on Monday, there goes the money."

So is this a coincidence or a setup? Because Elsbeth's in Skokie until Monday, unless we can do something amazing. Except that would be a last-minute plan, considering nobody sent her crazy ass to Skokie in the first place.

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