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Je Ne Regrette Rien

Alicia: "Either way, Will's going to do the appeal..."
Elsbeth: "I like Will!"
Alicia: "Me too, honey. Focus."
Elsbeth: "I was so sad when he got suspended."
Alicia: "Me too. So he's gonna take the appeal to the..."
Elsbeth: "-- CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sports. Tell him they don't run like an American court, okay, there's a whole set of rules based on Swiss law..."
Alicia: "Well, that should go horrible. I'm going to work on getting you downtown for a weekend bond hearing, which should shave off a little time on this."
Elsbeth: "And I will just sit in this jail? That works."


Judge: "You know what the lesson is here? Don't get arrested in the suburbs on a Thursday night."
Alicia: "Good one, but could you help me out? I don't need you to overturn the arrest, just get her here this weekend for a bail hearing since she missed the last transport."
Judge: "How's Peter doing? Betcha that bitch is nipping at his heels, huh?"
Alicia: (It's touch and go for a minute, but she decides to let it slide. Plus, still kind of pissed at Maddie Hayward for playing with her emotions, so technically she is a bitch, even if it's way not in the way the Judge is using it.)
Judge: "...Hey, crony, can you crony some... Oh, because it's Elsbeth Tascioni. Got it. So Alicia, the thing is that Elsbeth Tascioni is crazy."
Alicia: "I know, but it's the good kind."
Judge: "They've got you on this. They're asking for a psych eval before they can transport her. It's not a trick, it's just that she's a liability. Insurance issues trump everything else."


Alicia: "So I'm gonna see if I can get Elsbeth to be uncrazy for the duration of this psych evaluation..."
Will: "Good luck with that."
Alicia: "I know, right? What's it like there?"

What it's like is that Le Tribunal Aribtral Du Sport is being conducted in French, by the French and Italian and German judges, and Will doesn't speak French. It's very suspensefully annoying to watch, but I can't figure out how to get that across. It's very red tape, very Josh Charles Slow Burn, and the Euros are doing their shitty Euro thing, and the other lawyer -- who is not the Erobos lawyer of course, because this is the doping trial that will determine the other trial, but is also a dickhead -- speaks perfect Fran├žais, and all the rules are different from normal courtroom law, and the whole thing is taking place on like a skating rink.

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