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Je Ne Regrette Rien

Peter: "My whole life cannot be about appeasing special interests."
Geneva: "Really? Mine is."
Peter: "What do you mean?"
Geneva: "What looks like kow-towing to you is every day to me. The difference is that the special interest I make a huge space for in my life, at all times, is one that you think is how things just are. White people. Men."
Peter: "Big Bad Me. Again."
Geneva: "Big Bad Everything, you goofball. Maddie Hayward's speaking to the MRC. You better get your ass there. Put that gift of gab to work."


Chenise Jayes is an anchor on the 400m US Relay team, Anna's roommate, and a witness to this guy who came to their room late, the night before London. They whispered, he gave her a bottle of pills, she went in the bathroom. That's all she can say, but the kicker is this: The other guy was Nelson Kimora, one of the Notorious Six. Everybody starts yelling in French.

Diane: "Excuse me? I totally speak French, and you guys are being jerks."
Judges: "You are sexy and powerful and awesome, so we will behave."
Will, sub rosa: "Ask for something. Do it now, don't care what."
Diane: "Gotcha. Also, pigs, we want a recess until tomorrow. Give it to me or pay the price."
Plunkett: "You already got a..."
Judges: "Diane has spoken! Recess!"
Diane: "Merci, monsieur."
Judges: "Le hubba hubba."


Will: "MVP, lady. Now, Anna. Who is this man Kimora?"
Anna: "A sprinter. Um, those were not designer booster drugs he brought me."
L/G: "Who is he and what is he to you, though?"
Anna: "My ex-boyfriend. Not my dealer. The end."

Diane: "She's hiding something. She isn't lying exactly, but..."
Alicia: "Maybe Nelson's drug use? Or she was holding for him, or..."
Diane: "I can't defend her unless she tells us. I mean... We need Elsbeth."
Alicia: "Elsbeth is in a pysch eval, so I give us even odds of ever even seeing her again."
Diane: "Assuming they don't immediately ship her to Briarcliff, could you..."
Alicia: "There's only a day left at this point. I'll get it done. And hey, thanks."
Diane: "What's a weekend of pampering compared to Elsbeth Tascioni?"


Q: "Do you feel guilty about drinking or using chemicals?"

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