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Wrangling a class action seems like it always goes there, reminding people that it's not just about their personal stake -- both for good or ill -- but then, it makes sense that it would always go there. I'd imagine defending against a class action goes that way more often than not, right? Anyway, meantime they've got Kalinda trying to get more info on Sarah, and the class stays put because there's still two other families involved.


Will: "So you Batmanned the Board, I take it. They offered six months suspension."
Diane: "Damn, that's all I got out of those bastards? I should have come at Rory's grandpa even harder."
Will: "They need a decision tomorrow."
Diane: "Fight it, Will. Six months away from the law will kill you."

...Huh. Not what I expected her to say. I guess she thinks he can beat it because it's such a bullshit investigation, and they were willing to come down so fast, but six months just doesn't seem like that long to me. Is she telling us something about Will, there? Like he might slip into a vice or something? He's got the rage stuff going, and we know he's got addictive tendencies, but "six months time off will kill you" seems pretty character-defining. Right? Is there some other implication I'm not catching?


The protest website where they found the pictures of Sara is called PINK DAMASCUS, so you already know exactly how this is going to go: A straight guy pretending to be a lesbian for some reason, I guess chronicling the protests by assuming the most different persona possible. Kalinda heads off to investigate, and Alicia keeps Caitlin back so she can be subtly nasty some more.

Alicia: "Caitlin, Viola approached you?"
Caitlin: "Yeah, and I obviously turned her down..."
Alicia: "Just so you know, they are doing this all the time. And you need to understand that it's a distraction technique, because they would never respect you or trust you if they poached you. You get me? This means nothing. You mean nothing."
Caitlin: "You're being really aggressive. Am I doing a good job?"
Alicia: "Oh yeah. You're doing fucking great."
Caitlin: "I don't understand your tone, but whatever. Guess it's on."

It's fairly awesome. Diane's applied that kind of pressure before, when Alicia was in danger of not thinking realistically, but for some reason it skews a whole other way when Alicia does it. And frankly, it never occurred to me, that whole "they'll never trust you anyway" thing, so props to Alicia... but it does cast a different light on all the times -- Walsh, Canning -- that Alicia's trumpeted her own loyalty in the face of their demonic offers. Every time Canning started to woo her, it felt like maybe one day she'd jump that way if L/G got weird enough, but now it seems she's never even considered it -- not because it would be wrong, but because it wouldn't be prudent.

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