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Here I Go Again

Will: "That Kalinda thumb you didn't notice means you can go fuck yourselves. We have secret stuff."
Viola: "Okay, well that was our last offer. Peace."

Diane & Alicia: "That offer was way too low."
Caitlin: "Tell me more!"
Diane & Alicia: "They're daring us to take it to court. They have secret stuff too."


Will: "Richard Gilmore, I thought ignoring your calls was a pretty good sign I didn't feel like talking to you."
Lionel: "Actually, Will, I am here to tell you something important. Thanks for ignoring me, I came in person."

The lights suddenly don't work in the office they hide in, and Will shrugs and smiles.

Will: "Things seem to be falling apart here! What's the emergency?"
Lionel: "Things are kind of falling apart, here. You know how I'm on the Bar's Attorney Compliance and Disciplinary Board? Well, even though I'm sworn to confidentiality, I thought I should tell you that an anonymous person tipped us off to the fact that you took $45K from a client's account..."
Will: "And put it back! And this was fifteen years ago!"
Lionel: "...There's no statute of limitations. We're doing to start looking at disbarring you tomorrow, FYI. Please don't tell anybody I came to see you and tell you this or I will never get to play golf with those guys again."

Will fugues out and throws whatever is nearby, then sits quietly as the oldies music plays for him outside.


Judge Abernathy starts the day with a breathless and mighty yawp on behalf of Occupy Wall Street, which -- as is usually the case -- contains almost no information about what is actually going on there beyond the vague winds of change stuff that has managed to blur the point of the movement almost entirely across the board. Which is ironic considering the actual point -- that when unregulated, corporations can't be expected to do anything but buy legislation and politicians that will increase their profits, which denigrates the entire system in the best case and costs human lives and liberties at worst -- is exactly what this episode is about.

But whatever, it's CBS. The fact that there's a show on TV with a female lead over forty, whenever it feels like airing it at least, is already probably asking for too much.


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The Good Wife




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