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Here I Go Again

Will: "The class has rejected the offer, so we're going to trial. I'd say about 50/50 chance of success, at the moment."
Edelstein: "Right. I need you to settle."
Alicia, silently: "Oh, for Pete's sake."
Edelstein: "What we don't want is Congress looking into foreign sales of decryption software."
Alicia, silently: "This is literally just like that other episode. Fuck me for hoping."
Will: "You don't think it would be cool to have Congress investigate Neil Gross?"
Edelstein: "No, just like last time our interests are aligned on this thing. Neither of us wants a circus."
Will: "There's this new thing called business ethics I've been learning about, and it leads me to remind you that we don't actually represent you in this case -- it's about the families of the dead protesters."
Edelstein: "What if I throw a fit?"
Will: "Sorry, no."

Alicia: "Are we going to get in trouble with this? He's a huge client."
Will: "Alicia, so be it. I'm burning this motherfucker down. #occupyLG."


Yes, Diane has decided to Batman the disbarment board on their own turf. In case you wondered where she was heading with that machete in her purse.

Diane: "Lionel, nice to see you. I'd like to beat you about the head and neck on behalf of my partner, Will Gardner."
Lionel: "Oh dear."


Kassim Al-Khoury is a software wholesaler out of Dubai who has a little bit of a businessman crush on Neil Gross. (Or so he claims, although we'll find out on cross exactly why this tickles Walsh and Gross so much when he says it.) They met a while back at the tech trade show in Dubai commonly known as the Wiretapper's Ball, and he made some purchases: The middleman invoice that Samir sent Kalinda.

Alicia: "So this is where a lot of Western tech companies sell their spy shit to totalitarian governments, correct?"
Kassim: "Among lots of other things that happen, probably yes. I'm moderately sleazy, I'm not gonna lie."

Abernathy, weeping: "My eyes! Sorry, I got pepper-sprayed at Occupy during the lunch recess. Carry on."
Everybody: Laughs at Occupy pussies some more.

Alicia: "So you bought CoursePoint from Gross at the Wiretapper's Ball, and then sold it to Syrians?"
Kassim: "Yeah. ChumHum couldn't do it directly because of the trade embargo, due to Syria being awful."
Alicia: "But they knew about all this, that you were the middleman."
Kassim: "Yeah, I sent them the invoices, so..."

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