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She has no way of knowing she's doing any of that, because if Caitlin were the cliche she thinks she is, it would be smart to do. And because there's the generational telescoping effect of mentoring here, women training women to swim with sharks, there's also a very real threat of somebody interrupting that line. If Caitlin betrays it, then all three women lose power, and right now in Alicia's life that can't be allowed to happen. But what made you go there, really? And what if you're wrong? Then you're an agent of sexism.

You let them get in your head.


Colin: "I also went to that restaurant in Evanston with Ms. Swift, several times, to discuss executive event planning things."
Ellis: "You couldn't find a restaurant in Chicago, you had to drive twenty miles from your office."
Colin: "Don't let the awful waitresses fool you, they do a mean coq au vin."
Ellis: "Okay, did she blow you at the Evanston Tavern?"
Ellis: "Um, it's totally relevant. This is about sexual harrassment. He was her boss, she didn't fuck him, she got fired."
Colin: "I did not engage in oral sex with Ms. Swift."

Even then, maybe he's not perjuring himself. There's a whole subject/verb agreement thing there that might pass muster.

Alicia: "Okay, how about some random facts. Prior to Ms. Swift's allegations, no one had ever accused you of having a sexual relationship with an employee? And at the time, no one ever accused you of having a sexual relationship with Ms. Swift?"
Colin: "True and true."
Alicia: "Good, then we're done here."

Colin: "Nope! I also want to say that I didn't have oral sex with that woman, or any sex, or know what the word is means, or anything like that, because I had a skin condition that prohibited me from getting blowjobs."
Alicia: "Your Honor, pursuant to the Code of Professional Responsibility, I have no further questions at this time. Fuckin' hell."


Cary: "They feel really bad. One of them is the other's direct supervisor, though."
Peter: "Works under him, you might say."
Cary: "Sir, disciplining two gay men for having gay sex is gonna look bad. Like how we keep firing black people."
Peter: "It's not that they're gay, or that they're having gay sex, or even that it was on my couch. It's because the rules are rules. Zero tolerance for sex in the office, and even zeroer tolerance when it's a supervisory thing."

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