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Alicia: "Oh no she didn't! That was amazing!"

Colin & Isobel -- Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Swift -- share a very specific, very creepy, very pleased look. And here I was wondering why they wasted Morena Baccarin on this fairly minor character, but no. They both sunk the testimony in the exact same way, playing their attorneys the way Sweeney always does, and ended up bringing the whole injunction to a halt because neither of their attorneys can ask any more questions. Lockhart's case rested on making Isobel the villain of the piece, but Sweeney and Swift played their way out of it. Because if she's on his side, then she can attest to whatever they want and get Gerald precluded from the vote, within the structure of this case as it's been built, by both sides.

Right? Am I reading this right? Because then that means they don't need the injunction because all Swift has to do is say Gerald paid her to pull this turkey baster nonsense story -- and it doesn't matter if it's true, or whether they had eighty different kinds of sex in every part of the Evanston Tavern, or what happens next. Frankly the idea of them returning as a creepster twosome is so delicious -- and you know Morena Baccarin can do anything and sell it, from Sacred Hetaira to Army Wife to Lizard Queen -- that I find myself hoping they can make it work. I'd hate to see him lose another wife or girlfriend or babymama or whatever. Especially now that they're going to be such a successful executive couple.


Alicia: "You did great today, Caitlin! Really great."
Caitlin: "You don't have to be nice. I'm fine."
Alicia: "Wow, I really fucked up. Gosh. I don't even know what to say."
Caitlin: "I'm just doing wedding invitations. That's the secret stuff I was hiding from you before. It wasn't Rita Wilson's business card or a list of David Lee's enemies or anything like that."

Alicia: "Listen, I was an asshole to you earlier..."
Caitlin: "Rosy glow in my rear window, sweetie. I actually really like you. Don't stress."
Alicia: "No I mean like I was awful. I just... Being here, at this law firm, at this particular time, without any friends whatsoever except Diane who like barely likes me, finding out I was a Caitlin, questioning everything I'm about... I just lost track. I was one of the barfing, fucking rat people for a second. I thought the thought you don't think."
Caitlin: "Seriously, don't worry about it. You're great!"

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